Picture Perfect: Minka Kelly and John Mayer

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Another day, another date for John Mayer and Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly! The pair grabbed lunch - and what looks to be some artwork - in West Hollywood on Tuesday. Take a look at Jinka in the photo below ...

Jen and John Pic

Our feelings on John Mayer at T.H. Gossip are well documented, and this love affair makes us more upset than O.J. Simpson after learning some dude is selling his memorabilia. But there might be a silver lining to this dark, big-headed cloud.

Since these two started dating a week or two ago, they've been staples on celebrity picture galleries all over the Internet. Hopefully this helps boost Minka Kelly's profile, as well as the show she's on, which is really great!


Aww i think they make the most cutest couple....Im glad that John split with Jessica....She was just too blonde(trying to be brunette) for him.....I think John and Minka really suit each...Good on them!...O an im glad the rumour about him an cameron diaz wasnt tru because they didnt suit each other either...


i love john mayer ever since"i dont trust myself with loving you" sh*t its on my message center and im mad as hell he took me out yet. lol who ever she is, she better be good to him or else


I dont think she's that cute. BUT..I think they make a better looking couple than him and jessica. Jessica Simpson needs like an older looking gentleman with a lot of money..cuz she looks like a $2.00 hooker most of the time.

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