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Ryan Seacrest was at Les Deux October 26 when Britney Spears mingled with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and said he saw her give Romo a lap dance.

"I spoke to her for a minute. She seemed to be in a very, very good mood," Ryan Seacrest said on his KIIS-FM radio show this morning. Meds will do that.

"She had her sunglasses on. I said, 'Busy day, huh?' She smiled and laughed and said, 'Yeah.' And then I believe I saw her and Tony Romo frolicking."

"Lap dancing?" a co-host asked.

"I mean, some would say," Seacrest said.

"She's on his lap," the co-host continued.

"Yeah," Seacrest replied.

Spears and Alli Sims first met up with Tony Romo when they made a five-minute stop at Ketchup restaurant in L.A. after her frenzied custody hearing on Friday.

Britney Spears and Alli Sims left after about five minutes.

The pair hit Les Deux around 10:30 p.m., with Tony Romo (who was recently linked to Sophia Bush) and his friends joining them a short time later.

"She was dancing and talking a lot with Tony," an onlooker told Us Weekly.

Britney Spears, the witness added, "seemed in a really good mood and was super happy when [one of her] songs came on."

Her pal, Avril Lavigne, also popped by her table to say hi. No word on whether Sam Lutfi was there or whether he just came over later that night.

In typical Britney Spears clubbing style, the singer changed into a new dress and shades in the club bathroom midway through the night.

By 1:15 a.m., Spears left with Alli Sims, but returned to Les Deux a short time later after realizing she accidentally left her cell phone behind.

And it's a good thing she did. You don't want some random idiot getting ahold of your meth dealer's phone number. Or Tony Romo's.

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Britney Spears' new tactic for dealing with members of the celebrity news media - bring along Sam Lutfi and spray them with windshield wiper fluid!

The train wreck and her frequent sidekick were spotted yesterday at - where else - a gas station, according to our friends at TMZ.

In breaking news, Spears stayed in her car as Sam Lutfi pumped the gas - which usually ends up being the job of the celebrity photo personnel who follow her.

Before taking off, Sam Lutfi motioned for the paparazzi to come closer to the windshield and then splashed some photographers with washer fluid.

Then they went back to aimlessly riding around town. You can check out the video of Britney, Sam and the celebrity gossip media by clicking here.

In other news, some Britney Spears fan sites talk positively about Sam Lutfi, while others seem to believe he is a dangerous enabler and hanger-on.

Do you know anything about this mystery friend of Britney? If you do, please drop The Hollywood Gossip a line and let us know!

  The celebrity news media surrounds Britney Spears and Sam Lutfi.

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We dislike the nickname Speidi for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, but when the biggest tool in Hollywood goes out and physically dresses up as Spider-Man, well, we have no choice but to run with it. You gotta love Halloween.

Heidi Montag and "fiance" Spencer Pratt made their way to a friend's (yes, they have one) Halloween party near Santa Monica Sunday, dressed in full costume.

Heidi went as The Little Mermaid (oddly conservative - since when does this girl turn down an easy opportunity for bikini photos to show off those huge breasts), while Spencer donned a Spider-Man outfit. Tobey Maguire better watch out!

Speidi (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag): Horrific Halloween happiness.

We've gotta hand it to them on this, though. When asked whose Halloween party they were going to, the couple jokingly replied, 'Britney Spears.'"

We can't imagine the "treats" handed out at that party. Snickers and crystal meth for all! Anyway, happy Heidi-ween! Click here for more pics of Heidi and Spencer.

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Apparently Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher aren't the only former spouses and new husbands who get along like best of friends.

Hugh Grant tagged along with Elizabeth Hurley, her five-year-old son Damian and Hurley's new businessman husband, Arun Nayar, to Seychelles island, off the East coast of Africa, where they vacationed on October 24.

Hugh Grant Picture

Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley & Arun Nayar: Two's company... three's a crowd?

Elizabeth Hurley, 42, and Hugh Grant, 47, certainly weathered a lot over the course of a 13-year relationship, namely him appearing in many romantic comedies, as well as soliciting oral sex from a cheap hooker, before parting ways in 2000.

But Elizabeth Hurley has maintained they remain close friends.

In fact, the handsome actor is even one of Damian's godfathers, and was even invited to Elizabeth Hurley's fabulous March nuptials with Arun Nayar.

The actor was a no-show, however, because he did not want to create a media craze and take the attention away from the Austin Powers star's big day with Nayar.

How nice. Here's hoping other feuding couples and third wheels - such as Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller - can learn from this example.

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As we urge Jennifer Lopez to admit she's pregnant, a new celebrity is making us wonder whether or not a bun is in her oven.

Take a look at Cate Blanchett. Should she and husband Andrew Upton be making plans for a new nursery?

Cate at Cannes

Just last month, Blanchett said: "We're not going to wait forever [to have another baby]... God, I'd love it to be now. I'd love it to be next week."

And maybe it is. What do you think? Is Cate about to join Halle Berry as a gorgeous, knocked up actress?

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After publishing photos of Britney Spears with no pants and Lucy Pinder naked, we figured it was time to do something for the ladies:

So here's a picture of Entourage stud Adrian Grenier. And he's wearing skin-tight spandex! Swoon.

This woman appears to be stalking Adrian Grenier. But can you blame her?

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You gotta hand it to Lucy Pinder.

While Kim Kardashian is just one of a countless number of women who have gotten naked in Playboy, the British model only bares it all within the pages of unique, unheard of publications.

First, Nuts. Now, Ralph.

Lucy Pinder isn't posing with Michelle Marsh nude this time, choosing instead to don her birthday suit alone. Enjoy, guys:

  • Naked Lucy Pinder
  • Lucy Pinder Naked Pic

Lucy. Pinder. Nude.

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Ah, young love. Who needs flowers when you can just get matching tattoos you're going to want to have laser-removed in four months anyway?

Publishing heiress-model Lydia Hearst and her sometime boyfriend, the, um, incomparable Cisco Adler, are now sporting identical ink on their wrists.

Both Cisco Adler and Lydia Hearst (full name Lydia Hearst-Shaw) got a skeleton key tagged on them early last week, before showing up in costume to a tequila-heavy pre-Halloween bash at the infamous Los Angeles nightclub Hyde.

Lydia Hearst went as Wonder Woman, while Cisco Adler went in drag. Yeah. It looks as if former girlfriends Kimberly Stewart and Mischa Barton got off lucky.

"Lydia Hearst cryptically said that the tattoos are a symbol of a new way of life," a friend said. A new way of seeing Cisco Adler naked? We'll see.

These two getting matching tats? That's even crazier than Kat Von D and Alex "Orbi" Orbison - Cisco's Whitestarr bandmate - doing the same.

Kristin Cavallari and Nick Zano, though? That at least made some sense.

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