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Britney Spears is starving. The girl loves her some triple tall iced mocha lattes with chocolate sprinkles, y'all. But perhaps even more so, she craves attention!

Unlike other "celebrities," every single thing Britney Spears does is covered from every conceivable angle by the paparazzi.

Britney and JJ Picture

And while this is surely inevitable to a degree, you don't see other celebrities asking photographers if they have tampons in public bathrooms, do you?

Despite mailing in her recent performance (and we're talking USPS Next Day Air Express 9 AM Delivery) at the MTV VMAs, and whining about it after, Britney Spears sure loves when the press pays attention to her on a daily basis.

Britney Spears loves her some Starbucks. And celebrity news coverage.

Brit sure does have something to smile about â€" she's getting attention, as always! And, for some reason, her new mediocre single "Gimme More" is #1 on iTunes in 12 different countries! People apparently enjoy throwing money away!

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While most crotch shots can be easily avoided (stop begging for attention, Britney Spears) or are just not what you wanna see (that dinosaur Janice Dickinson), every now and then a hot young celebrity is put in the position of flashing her unmentionables with pretty much no way around it.

At the Hot Hollywood Awards the other night, Audrina Patridge and some of her cohorts from The Hills were piled into the same ride, clown car style.

Audrina and Lauren Shop

As a result, those members of the press who deal in celebrity photos were basically guaranteed the money shot, if you will. Peep this ...

This Audrina Patridge upskirt pic pretty much fell into the paparazzi's hands.

Fortunately, Audrina, who as you can see is all up on boyfriend Justin Brescia (a.k.a. Justin-Bobby) in this picture, was prepared, and nixed the upskirt by wearing panties at the time of the photo. More than we can say for others.

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