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Rumors of an imminent split between Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, have persisted for months, yet the singer says this is bull$h!t and that nobody and nothing has put a damper on the couple's undying love for each other.

In other news completely unrelated to Carey Hart, but involving the wacko singer, Pink got her nipple pierced! Which is kind of cool and kind of gross! Check it out!

Pink Nipple Slip
To see the uncensored version of Pink's pierced nipple, click HERE.

Not that Pink getting her nipple - or any other body part - pierced is at all weird to us. What less likely famous person would you want to see get this done?

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Nicole Richie finally put enough pounds to break the century mark. Now it looks like she is preparing to bid farewell to the Knocked Up, Unwed Celebrities Club!

According to TMZ, Nicole Richie and her baby daddy, rock musician Joel Madden, may have finally set the date for their wedding. And it's soon!

A Mom Again

Sources tell TMZ that The Wedding Fairy - no, not Perez Hilton, but an upscale wedding planner by that name based in Orange County, Calif., - will coordinate the small ceremony that is to take place October 13 in Laguna Beach.

Hopefully, the ceremony will be broadcast on MTV, with Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari as bridesmaids and Stephen Colletti and Jason Wahler as groomsmen.

When the celebrity news site contacted Lorraine Keseloff, a wedding planner and owner of the company, who had no comment and quickly hung up the phone.

Nicole Richie's rep did not return calls seeking comment either. We'll keep our eyes peeled, though. Under two weeks until she's an honest anorexic woman!

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David Hans Schmidt, the self-proclaimed "Sultan of Sleaze," told the New York Daily News he tried to kill himself two weeks ago, prior to completing that task Friday.

Cops found the body of Schmidt, 47, who became famous and rich for peddling celebrity photos and sex tapes, in his Phoenix home, dead of apparent suicide.

David Hans Schmidt had been under house arrest after pleading guilty to attempted extortion involving the wedding photos of Tom Cruise.

"I did something really stupid," he told Daily News gossip columnist George Rush. "I put a belt around my neck in the shower. Fortunately, it didn't work."

"He was phoning me every other day," Rush said. "I kept saying, 'You got to get yourself some medication.' He said he was on some, but it didn't work for long."

David Hans Schmidt was arrested in July after obtaining pictures of Cruise's wedding in Italy last year from a co-defendant, authorities said.

Schmidt threatened to release the pictures if Cruise didn't pay up. Schmidt and his client, who allegedly stole the photos from the wedding photographer's laptop, were seeking between $1.2 million and $1.3 million from TomKat.

Schmidt, who had served time for violating a restraining order taken out by the mother of his daughters, was due back in court October 11 and faced up to two years behind bars. "I can't go back to prison," Schmidt told Rush.

"I tried to tell him how much he had to look forward to, that there was publishing interest in a book and he could use his time to write his memoirs," Rush said.

But David Hans Schmidt was evidently too depressed.

"He had to wear an ankle monitor. He couldn't leave the house, there were liens on everything he owned," Rush said. "He was getting stripped of everything."

David Hans Schmidt was famous, of course, for somehow getting hold of sex tapes and nude photos of celebrities, which he turned around and sold for big dollars.

David Hans Schmidt tried to sell off Paris Hilton photos (such as this one he is seen holding, which she later signed for him) from her L.A. storage locker.

He said he had the Dustin Diamond sex tape, featuring the cretinous actor who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell," and he sold topless shots of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, as well as Tonya Harding's wedding night sex video.

David Hans Schmidt also said he had nude pics of Gennifer Flowers, who once claimed to have had an affair with former President Bill Clinton

"He just loved doing these deals," said Rush. "When he had something in the works, he was pumped up. Full of energy. But he couldn't do it anymore. He was afraid the prosecutors would use it as evidence that he was unrepentant and continuing to be up to his old tricks... It left him with no income."

Cops said they found David Hans Schmidt dead at 3 p.m. on Friday after they noticed the tracking device he was wearing had not moved.

"He was a lovable rogue," Rush said. "Every time he was on the phone, you knew there was another wild story coming down the pike."

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What would Milo Ventimiglia say about this?

Just when we were ready to christen Halo (Milo and Hayden Panettiere) the newest celebrity couple - regardless of whether the Heroes co-stars admit to getting freaky or not - along comes this picture of our girl with another popular TV star, and potentially forming another celebrity couple name.

Hot, Cold Hayden


That's right, here's Hayden with Kevin Connolly, a funny and short actor who has dated Nicky Hilton and has been romantically linked to Haylie Duff ...

Hayden Panettiere & Kevin Connolly: Hevin?

While the Entourage star certainly gets around, heaven might be the best way to describe dating Hayden Panettiere. You know what they say about "barely legal" 18-year olds. They can vote! And buy their own lotto tickets and cigarettes!

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Dita Von Teese, who stars in PETA's new Animal Birth Control campaign, is a long-time wearer of fur. And PETA is cool with that.

"PETA's totally aware of me," Von Teese said before performing, in fox fur, her signature striptease at the Macy's Passport AIDS benefit last week.

"I'm not working with PETA to tell people to be vegetarians or to stop wearing fur. I am there to strictly speak about spaying and neutering pets."

Bet she'd like to spay and neuter Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson while she's at it!

For its part, the animal-rights organization says it was aware of Dita Von Teese's fur affections before approaching her to star in its campaign.

"She has some vintage furs she wears occasionally," says PETA spokesman Michael McGraw. "PETA often works with celebrities on an issue they feel comfortable supporting, whether it's supporting spaying and neutering, or speaking out against products that are tested on animals. So they may not be an animal rights activist as a whole, but their contribution to any of our campaigns is appreciated."

The group says it has not yet asked Dita Von Teese to stop wearing fur, but will "possibly" have that discussion in the future: "We're happy to have her support on that issue (spaying / neutering), and we'll see where it goes," says McGraw.

To sum up recent PETA news, for those of you keeping score at home:

  • Pamela Anderson would just as soon have you see Pamela Anderson nude 24-7 than see her wearing fur. She's also possibly engaged to Rick Salomon.
  • Alicia Silverstone is naked and a vegetarian.
  • Vintage fur is the only thing covering an otherwise naked Dita Von Teese during some of her stripteases, but it comes off after awhile.

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In the highly competitive world of British modeling, Sophie Howard is making a big statement below.

A really, really big statement.

In a direct challenge to other English beauties - such as Lucy Pinder, Gemma Atkinson and Michelle Marsh - Howard and her giant boobs are making themselves quite well known in this picture.

In response to this attention-grabbing photo, expect to see a new round of Katie Price nude pics any day now.

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John Mayer sucks.

Not in an O.J. Simpson kind of way or anything. But if there were a plane full of celebrities about to crash into a mountain, we'd still want John Mayer as pilot.

His overplayed, overrated introspective pop-rock hits, abnormally large head, and hot girls' propensity to have sex with him all contribute to his suckitude. Is it unfair of us to despise him this much? Yes. Will it abate anytime soon? No.

You can imagine the feeling of waking up this morning to a photo of John Mayer and his reported new girlfriend, Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly, outside Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica.

We'd rather get punched in the stomach than see this. The only positive is that this will probably run its course rather quickly and our dear, sweet Minka Kelly will be back on the market. At least we'll be praying for it.

John Mayer, Minka Kelly

John Mayer and Minka Kelly: Jelly?

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Looks like Mario Lopez is giving Matthew McConaughey a run for his gorgeous, topless money. Literally!

As the former Dancing with the Stars contestant and The Bold and the Beautiful star makes heads turn during a recent run on the beach, we have one piece of advice for his lucky ladyfriend:

Mario Lopez Shirtless

Better keep an eye on your man, Karina Smirnoff! Lord knows every other female on the planet is.

Is Camila Alves dating the wrong shirtless stud? Mario Lopez is making a mockery of all other male physiques.

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Vanessa Hudgens is really getting the hang of this wearing clothes thing.

No longer posing for pictures in her birthday suit, the High School Musical star is seen here with hunky boyfriend Zac Efron, as the couple refills its gas tank before most likely driving somewhere.

Playing Paparazzi

It's nice to see Zanessa in such a good mood. Fallout from the aforementioned nude photos had made it seem like the pair were no longer dating.

Needing a Refill: Take away the naked pics, millions of dollars, friendships with Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu - along with the entertainment news photographers following them everywhere - and Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are a normal couple.

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As Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen deal with pesky issues like the latter's ex-wife and former pornography addiction, there's just one way to remain happy:

"We just focus on our love and we have faith in the truth â€" and we know that will come out," Mueller told People magazine.

In Better Times

The most recent filing by Richards claimed that Sheen's engagement to Mueller is nothing but a media stunt, basically comparing this couple to a wanna-be Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag as far as attention seeking goes.

"We'd like to get away from it all, and we feel sometimes that we would love a vacation," Mueller said about herself and the Two and a Half Men star, to whom she's been engaged since July.

"But his work schedule doesn't really permit it right now."

The rumors also make it difficult to socialize, but Brooke said there was one couple her and Sheen often go out with:

"Couples outings are few and far between. But we do go out on dates with Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane, those are close friends of ours."