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The rumors persist, and they are revolting. Well, half revolting.

Let's just say that when John Mayer and Minka Kelly began dating recently, which we are still getting used to, forming a couple known heretofore as either Jinka or Jelly (we can't decide), it's clear what each brings to the relationship...

John Mayer in Las Vegas
  • Minka Kelly brings acting talent (as the star of Friday Night Lights), a weird and damn sexy first name, and stunning good looks.
  • John Mayer has bagged a lot of chicks, has a huge dome, and dominates the airwaves with a unique brand of introspective, mediocre soft rock hits.

It's a match built to last... for like 10 days. Anyway, here are two new photos of Minka Kelly and John Mayer, Hollywood's newest hot couple ...

Minka Kelly: So hot. John Mayer: So not.

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It may be early in the competition, but this year's Dancing with the Stars appears to be down to a race car driver and a Cheetah Girl.

For the second consecutive week, Helio Castroneves and Sabrina Bryan showcased their impressive moves on the dance floor.

Here's a recap of the former's mambo with partner Julianne Hough:

When the two of them took to the stage, it was almost like a different competition had begun. These two are dancing at a completely different speed - and it shows. It would be hyperbole to suggest that Helio is shaking it at the level of Julianne Hough, but he's close enough that it makes the pair stand out above all others.

The judges said: Bruno referred to themas the "exhilarating hot rod" and the "blond bombshell" and then praised Helio's technique. Carrie Ann called him the real deal, adding that he's suave and debonair. She may have a crush. Len said Helio went into overdrive, very very well done. Score: 27.

Wanna read about the rest of the night on Dancing with the Stars? Follow our link now.

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Picking up where we left off after last week's drool-inducing premiere, the 15 remaining Bachelorettes move into their Malibu mansion. In bikinis. Holla!

There will be two group dates this week on The Bachelor and there will be a rose handed out at each. The rest of these women will have to take their chances at the ceremony at the end of the night. The tension in the air is thick. Almost as much so as Brad Womack's abs. Guy is frickin' ripped!

Womack, Brad

What will the dates consist of? Just you wait. The first "date box" has already arrived by the time the cameras roll and inside are lots of wide brimmed hats and toy horses. It's a sign. Jade reads the note:

"Join me for a day at the races. Brad."

Eloquent, Brad Womack. Eloquent. The man keeps it short and sweet.

Those women angling for the hearts of The Bachelor and going to the track are Erin, McCarten, Kristy, Mallory, Hillary, Jade and DeAnna.

As they get ready, McCarten tells Hillary that she's going to get the first kiss from Brad. Hillary responds, "You want sloppy seconds? Because I'm kissing him first!"

Oh. No. She. Didn't.

Jade says she thinks she has a good shot at getting the rose because she's one of the more competitive women there and also, "I, personally, think I'm better looking" than the rest of them. If you don't say! Damn, this is gonna be good!

It has only just begun. Continue reading the adventures of Brad Womack in this exclusive episode guide to last night's episode of The Bachelor ...

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Get your DVRs and eyeballs ready, it should be quite the manic Monday of TV watching!

Let's begin with Dancing with the Stars. Beautiful model Josie Maran went home last week, proving that it takes more than looks to win this competition.

The most impressive contestants during the first week were Helio Castroneves, Sabrina Bryan (pictured here with pro partner, Mark Ballas) and Melanie Brown.

The celebrity most in trouble? Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban. But anything can happen once that music starts playing and hips start shaking... so get ready to feel the rhythm tonight on ABC.

Over on NBC, it's the second episode of Heroes. Tonight, we learn Maya's dangerous super power, while continuing to travel back in time with Hiro. As for Claire and Peter?

Let's hope the rumors of Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia dating don't distract these two characters from forging ahead with their missions in life. And that Peter remembers who he is before the episode is over.

To close the evening, put your arm around your loved one and thank the heavens he or she isn't engaged to Katja Decker-Sadowski. As Lauren Conrad found out on The Hills last week, that can be jarring news to discover first hand.

What will happen tonight on this MTV reality series? We're not sure, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will be mocked endless tomorrow for it regardless. You have our word on that.

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Britney Spears must hand over custody of her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James to Kevin Federline this week "until further notice," a judge ruled Monday after a hearing.

The judge gave no reasons in his written decision, issued after he met lawyers in a session requested by Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

K-Fed gets custody starting Wednesday.

The ruling comes after the filing of misdemeanor charges against Britney Spears - hit-and-run and driving without a valid license - and claims by her ex-bodyguard, Tony Barretto, that she used drugs, frequently got naked and is a danger to her children, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

A judge also said Britney is a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of alcohol and controlled substances, and ordered her to submit to twice-weekly testing.

The singer, who has 50-50 custody with Federline, was seen around town with Sean Preston and Jayden James over the weekend, and on Sunday they had an early dinner in Malibu, as a crush of celebrity news people camped outside.

"She seemed fine," said Tony Koursaris, owner of the restaurant, Taverna Tony's, where she dined. "She was very comfortable having dinner here with her boys... The kids had a good time. Then we had to fight the paparazzi, of course."

It's really, really difficult for a mother to lose all custody of her children, but Britney Spears has always been extremely talented. And insane. Never count her out!

The photographers, however, did come in handy at one point over the weekend. Around midnight Saturday, her Mercedes ran out of gas during a food run.

Taking a break from trying to snap celebrity pictures of Britney Spears with no pants, some paparazzi went to a gas station and helped her gas up her Benz.

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During her performance over the weekend, Tori Spelling put the "Y" in Pussycat Dolls.

As in: Why the heck did this group of typically attractive women invite this eye sore on stage?

Somewhere, Nicole Scherzinger is grateful she left to start a solo career.

And Asia Nitollano is scoffing at those that think she should have joined the group.

Tori Spelling in The Pussycat Dolls? That's akin to Minka Kelly being in The Ugly Girls.

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Britney Spears grabbed dinner at a Greek restaurant, Taverna Tony's, in Malibu on Sunday with - of course - sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, several male assistants and about 100 celebrity news photographers in tow.

As you can see, Jayden James Federline looks thrilled by the whole scene...

Apparently Britney Spears stopped off for a meal after taking paparazzi for a drive around Beverly Hills, then returning to Malibu without getting out of the car.

Check out the video below of Spears and the kids leaving the place. At least she wasn't wearing no underwear on this day, but she did manage to crawl under a car seat and flash photographers. Yup, no way you can avoid that one!


It's about time. We were starting to worry. After all, what's a day the world of celebrity gossip without some video footage from up Britney Spears' skirt?

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Despite a penchant for alcohol and/or insanity, Paula Abdul appeared to be sober during a recent interview with USA Today.

In it, she talked about her desire for kids, saying she wants them "definitely within the next two years. I thought by now I'd have three grown children."

Instead, she has a possible drinking problem. But we digress.

"With modern medicine, people are having kids in their 40s and even up until their late 40s. In their 50s, they're having their second child," the American Idol judge said. "If it doesn't happen naturally like that, I would always consider adopting."

Of course, it may happen naturally. After all, Paula has a new man in her life - and everyone seems to love J.T. Torregiani.

"He's a positive force that has come into my life right now. Where it leads, who knows?" Abdul said, even stating that Simon Cowell approves of the "great, normal guy" on her arm.

Of course, an interview with Paula wouldn't be complete without a bit of nuttiness thrown in. So rest assured that her dog is also a big fan of her man.

"My chunky dog, Tulip, is in love with him. He pays so much attention to her that she thinks she's the queen."

Sounds like these two might be on the same engagement path as Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas. We wish them the best, if so.

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If you missed the video screen caps of the lovely Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge modeling for Maxim magazine last week, well, you didn't miss much. Because here are two of the finished photos of the sexy stars of The Hills. Hot!


Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge: sexy in anything or next to nothing.

These girls are everywhere these days! Audrina Patridge (top) bares serious skin in some lingerie, whereas Lauren Conrad looks a little more conservative, yet still downright... no comment ... in a lavender nightgown.

What kinds of drama will follow when their hot show, The Hills, returns with an all-new episode tonight? There can be no telling. Sadly, there probably won't be any shots of Lauren and Audrina modeling underwear.

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Easy, fellas.

We know how excited you get over the mere mention of Eva Longoria naked. So we can only imagine how this juicy piece of celebrity gossip must be sitting with you right now.

But despite talk going around of a sex tape featuring the Desperate Housewives star and her new husband, Tony Parker, we have doubts about its authenticity.

First, a quick overview of the reports: Allegedly, the video is already available on pay per view adult film site; however a blog says it's willing to post the tape for all to see after "verifying… legal issues associated with it."

Remember, though: Meg White sex tape rumors were shot down last week. And Eva isn't exactly known for shedding her clothes, and her morals, like Kim Kardashian has in the past.

Therefore, we ask readers to take this news with a grain of salt. A very sexy, alluring grain of salt.

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