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This photo is from a little ways back, but we couldn't resist. How cute is Suri Cruise? And would you believe her friend here is Romeo Beckham (a brother of Brooklyn and Cruz Beckham and son of Victoria and David Beckham)?

Gimme That

We sure do love us some Suri Cruise. She'd probably be our favorite celebrity baby of them all. As for the lady in this photo, that's Katie Holmes, of course.

Her new movie, Mad Money, Holmes is hardly the picture of perfect family life. She plays a free-spirited woman, Jackie, opposite Queen Latifah.

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No criminal charges will be filed in connection with the fight between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee at September's MTV Video Music Awards, the Clark County district attorney said.

"It's worth noting that Tommy Lee requested no prosecution relating to the incident, and there were no injuries to either person," said Dan Kulin, a spokesman for the Clark County (Nev.) District Attorney, David Roger.

"The Clark County district attorney's office will not pursue charges against Robert James Ritchie, also known as Kid Rock, involving a confrontation with Tommy Lee on September 9, 2007, at the Palms Hotel and Casino," Roger said in a statement.

Reps for Kid Rock and Lee didn't respond Tuesday to requests for comment. Both are ex-husbands of Pamela Anderson.

Kid Rock, 36, wasn't taken into custody, but was cited for battery after he was accused of slapping and punching the 45-year-old Motley Crue drummer.

Witnesses said that although Kid Rock threw the only blows that landed, Tommy Lee appeared to have started the confrontation, which occurred in the audience.

His problems aren't over, though. Kid Rock also faces a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from an October 21 Waffle House brawl in Atlanta. He and his entourage were cited after a brawl with a male customer broke out at a restaurant.

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We've heard from her at length. Now it's his turn. Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford is finally speaking out about his new girlfriend Carrie Underwood.

"She's a classy girl," Chace Crawford told Us Weekly at the 2007 Angel Ball in NYC October 29. No word on whether he and Carrie are going steady. But looks like it.

A Carrie Underwood Photo

Crawford, 22, and Underwood, 24, have apparently been dating since July. He first introduced himself to her at Hyde in West Hollywood in May.

The pair has gotten even cozier recently in the Big Apple as he shoots his new CW hit show and she promotes her new album, Carnival Ride, dining for two at NYC's Nobu and sipping champagne and kissing a lot at NYC club Marquee.

"Chace and Carrie are in love," an Underwood pal says. "They are both working all the time right now, but together whenever they can be."

No word on whether Underwood and Crawford will be spending Thanksgiving together â€" although, if they do, it could be somewhat awkward.

Crawford, a Texas Native, says that his plans are "going back to Dallas to see the family. A lot of eating. Maybe the Cowboys football game."

Underwood, of course, dated Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who's moved on to partying with Alli Sims and getting lap dances from Britney Spears.

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Last week on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Seal and Heidi Klum opened up about their relationship.

And let's just say these two seem slightly more normal than Amy Fisher and Lou Bellara...

Heidi Klum Nude Ad

Seal on his love at first sight: "She had this amazing dress on, this black, almost see-through dress, and this huge smile on her face," he says. "I remember thinking, ‘Wow, whoever goes out with that girl is one lucky guy…'"

Seal has seen Heidi Klum nude. This makes him very lucky.

Heidi on Seal's car collection: "He's got a Volkswagen Tiguan, a Volkswagen Beetle, a T5, an R8, a Spider, another Audi and some others. He also wants a Bentley convertible. Our garage looks like a car park."

Seal enjoying Heidi's non-pregnant body: "Our youngest child is now 11 months old, so I've told Heidi we're booting him out of the bedroom. I'm not having it any more. This is the longest time I've known Heidi without her being pregnant. She's got her body back and it's real good fun!"

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Blake Lewis has just posted the release date for his debut CD, "Audio Day Dream," on his MySpace blog.

Here's what the American Idol runner-up had to say:

My album just got pushed back to December 4th. We think it will be a better day for the release and its also taking some pressure off me, for getting this album done. I can't wait to get it out!!! I have been waiting to make a full length album for the longest time.

This album is a mix of all the great pop music that has inspired me since the 80's. Electro/funk/soul/pop I call it my 2080's album. One mix from the start to finish, like a great Electronic or Hip-Hop mix tape.

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In a story about as shocking as the words of Nicole Narain labeling Britney Spears as an unfit mother, Amy Fisher has a sex tape.

Lou Bellara - who somehow married the trigger-happy Fisher - told The New York Post he regrets selling off a sex tape he made with his wife. Bellara sold the video after Amy dumped him to start dating Joey Buttafuoco again.

"We were estranged. She was seeing Joey," Lou said. "I was seething about the whole thing. It just came to a point where I was hurt and embarrassed by it... and it pressed the wrong button. I just used that as a vehicle to strike back at her."

Hey, at least this guy is honest. Ray J is out there, driving around in expensive cars, still pretending he had nothing to do with the release of the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

This video is titled "Amy Fisher Caught On Tape." It's available from Red Light District.

Somewhere out there, Keeley Hazell is cursing the fact that her public display of intercourse is becoming common practice at this point.

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We have never understood the appeal of this gentleman, but there's little doubt that model / heiress Lydia Hearst is all over Cisco Adler's junk in this photo.

We mean that in the figurative sense, of course. Although the guy has some seriously huge balls. Oh, don't act like you don't know already this from the infamous Cisco Adler nude pic that was circulating around a while back. You know you love it. 

Cisco Adler and Lydia Hearst: Hadler?

Whatever his appeal, the new couple, seen partying around N.Y. City (and getting matching tattoos) of late, sure looks like they're having fun. Which is all good by us.

After all, the long-haired "rocker" used to date Mischa Barton. Surely Lydia Hearst is 10 times cooler than that anorexic waste. Way to move up in the world, Cisco.

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We mentioned the perfect score awarded on Dancing with the Stars last night.

Now, here's a look at the rumba routine that earned Melanie Brown and Maksim Chmerkovskiy a 30 from the panel of judges:

Chaz and Lacey Picture


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What are you doing, Larry Birkhead?

We've been on your side in the Dannielynn custody battle for months and you seem like a decent enough father.

But then you announce a reality TV show; and now you're spotted with Paris Hilton at the Playboy Halloween party.

After taking this photo, we hope you washed your hands multiple times before picking up your daughter with them.

Photo credit: eNewsBuzz.

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Nicole Narain, the ex-Playmate and co-star of the Colin Farrell sex tape - and Kevin Federline's reported new girlfriend - is calling out Britney Spears, calling the toxic "singer" mentally unstable and wholly unfit to be a mother.

Let us reiterate that. A Playboy Playmate and sex tape star is chastising Britney Spears. If that doesn't sum up Britney's fall from grace, what does?

In any case, in an interview with The Sun, Nicole Narain made some shocking claims about the incomparable Britney Spears, including, but not limited to:

  • Britney was caught breast-feeding Jayden James while drunk on vodka.
  • Kevin Federline fears she has left their two sons permanently damaged.
  • Britney has been warned several times not to leave Jayden James and Sean Preston in her pool unsupervised and in her car without seat belts.

... and finally ...

  • Britney once made a pass at Nicole when they were in the toilet together.

As absurd as it sounds, do you doubt that story? Of course not. That also tells you a lot about Britney. K-Fed reportedly told Nicole Narain:

"I'd see her walking around the house guzzling vodka and Coke and looking tipsy. Then a few moments later, I saw her pick up Jayden and start breast-feeding him."

Nicole Narain went on to describe K-Fed's fears for Britney Spears' life:

"She's lost all grasp on reality and is dragging the children through hell. Her mood swings are so wild, I live in fear of getting a call telling me she has killed herself."

When Nicole Narain and K-Fed are the voices of reason, you know you've got some problems. We all know Britney is following in the footsteps of Anna Nicole Smith, and is seemingly uninterested in getting help. Will she ever turn this around?

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