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Ever think that Lauren Conrad is too picky about guys? Maybe it's due to the awful pickup lines that The Hills star has been subjected to!

"The pickup lines have become so cheesy, people hear them as a joke now," Lauren Conrad, 21, says in the new issue of Us Weekly (cover below).

Lauren Conrad Topless

Some of the worst lines LC has heard?

"A guy the other day said, 'You're a really smoking babe and I think you should call me,' and handed me his number," Conrad says, adding that, "I just wonder if that's ever actually worked. I mean, 'Smoking babe'?"

It gets worse.

"I had a guy come up to me and ask for a Band-Aid and I said, 'No, I don't have a Band-Aid.' Then he said, 'You're supposed to ask me why,'" she says.

When the ever-friendly Lauren Conrad played along and asked the guy, the pickup artist replied, "Because I scraped my knee when I fell for you." Gag. LC recalls, "I didn't understand it. I was like, 'Did you really fall down?'"

Lauren Conrad: Not immune from the lame lines.

Still, The Hills star realizes it can be intimidating for anyone - even a celebrity such as herself - to approach members of the opposite sex.

She admits, "I've pretended to know a guy before" in order to get his attention. "I actually said, 'I think I know you from somewhere.'"

Adds Conrad, "It's hard to walk up to someone out of nowhere and be like, 'Hi, I'm Lauren.'" Feel free to try it with us anytime, girl. We have a good feeling.

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Mary Carey isn't the most creative adult film actress in the world.

For Halloween, the porn star dressed as, well, a porn star.

Come on, Mary, you can do better than this. Just look at Jenna Jameson. She's been dressed as a skeleton for months now; now that's dedication to the holiday!

No wonder you lost the governor race in California.

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They're not at the level of Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures.

But Ashley Tisdale does her High School Musical co-star proud in the following photo spread for Maxim. The images are far from unsexy. 

While Tisdale and Jared Murillo appear to have a solid relationship, you never know what might happen once Zac Efron lays his eyes on these pics.

Ashley Tisdale Photo

  Could Zashley replace Zanessa?

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Leticia Cline is more than just a Playboy cover girl.

While Kim Kardashian, Alicia Machado and Monica Leigh can all make that claim, how many of those hotties shot to fame as an announcer for TNA Wrestling?

Recently let go from that company, Cline was featured in Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door issue in September. As you can see below, Maxim agrees that this model has a big career in front of her.

We wouldn't be surprised to see Eve Torres in the pages of this publication soon, as well.

Leticia Cline Picture

Leticia Cline garnered a great deal of attention for her Playboy spread. The same can be said these days for the Kimberly Bell photos that grace the magazine's pages.

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Roberto Cavalli has spilled the baby beans.

When asked by People magazine what types of clothing he designs for his celebrity clients, the fashion maven confirmed the worst kept secret in Hollywood. No, not that Britney Spears is insane.

J. Lo Live

"Well Jennifer Lopez, at this moment, she requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby," Cavalli said. "It is so complicated because every week she is getting bigger."

Next, the designer will confirm that Megan Fox nude photos are, indeed, hot.

"The thing about Jennifer Lopez, she is a singer, she is a dancer," said Cavalli.

"Most of the time when I prepare something for the tour, the performer, they want something very soft so they can dance and so they can move free."

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The bad news for Sabrina Bryan? She was voted off Dancing with the Stars last night.

The good news? Maybe now she has more time to practice for High School Musical 3, as rumors have been swirling that she's replacing Vanessa Hudgens.

For now, though, fans of this reality competition are struggling to comprehend what happened on the results show last night. Sabrina is telling them it'll be okay, at least.

"I had such an amazing time with [partner Mark Ballas]. I cannot imagine any experience being able to remotely compare to this," Bryan said. "I'm not bitter. I've made some great friendships here and I've had the best time. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I feel so lucky to have gone this far."

Others weren't as upbeat.

"This is an outrage and an upset," Carrie Ann Inaba said, wiping tears away. "It's so disappointing and heartbreaking, not to mention complete shock. How do you explain Sabrina leaving? She's been at the top of the leader board from week one. Everyone assumed she'd be in the finale."

Maybe it was a lack of name recognition, although All My Children star Cameron Mathison joined Bryan in the bottom two.

In the end, we may never know what led to this tragedy. It's like trying to get inside the head of Lydia Hearst. How can we know what she sees in Cisco Adler?


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You may never see Kristen Bell on Gossip Girl, as she plays the all-knowing, albeit anonymous, title character of the series.

But you can check out this lovely actress right here and now. And you can let us know which look is cuter on the former Veronica Mars star: bangs? or no bangs?

Ring Our Bell!

After witnessing her power on Heroes, we're gonna say Bell looks beautiful both ways. We just don't want her to hurt us.

What do you think?

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Guess Nicole Narain was right.

Commissioner Scott Gordon did not return custody of Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline to Britney Spears, limiting her to three monitored visits per week, two from noon-p.m. and one overnight.

Spears and Kevin Fedrline have been ordered to figure out holiday schedules, and she must give evidence that she childproofed her pool area by Friday.

The Commish wrote that when Britney has Sean and Jayden, "the environment at the house ranged from chaotic to almost somber, with little communication at all."

Gordon also recounts what Britney Spears' parenting coach complained of - that "Spears rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play."

Britney Spears: No custody for you.

According to the report, the coach wrote, "It seems that [Britney Spears'] choices are dependent more upon what she wants to do at any given time rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children."

At the custody hearing, the coach also said Spears has a "lack of general attention at times" but nothing she "would characterize as abusive in a traditional sense."

And then perhaps the most damning comment from the nutjob's parenting coach: "The problem is that unless Ms. Spears realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has [on] her children, nothing is going to be successful."

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Having already inched his way toward elite celebrity and football status by dating Carrie Underwood and winning 12 of his first 17 starts, Tony Romo was rewarded with a six-year, $67 million contract by the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo is now signed through 2013, which means he'll be the face of the NFL franchise - and hopefully celebrity news publications - in the years to come.

"The best feeling by far is to know that the organization, our coaches and everyone say, 'Hey, you're our guy,"' Tony Romo said. "That means more to me than the money ever could. I'm just excited to be here for a long time."

Tony Romo: $67 million richer and a growing celebrity.

With a 5-1 start to his career after he burst into the lineup in October 2006, Romo mania ensued. It's still going strong, too, with Dallas 6-1, tied for tops in the NFC, and Tony leading the conference in yards passing and TD passes.

Another amazing part of Tony Romo's rapid rise is some of the fame he's managed to build outside of football. It started with supposed interest from actress Jessica Simpson, then grew with him dating country singer Carrie Underwood.

Romo was back in the celebrity gossip magazines this week for an encounter with Britney Spears over the weekend, in which he received a sexy lap dance from the deranged singer, according to metrosexual eyewitness Ryan Seacrest.

One wonders how many celebrities Romo will bag by the end of his contract. It certainly won't hurt the cause. No wonder Entertainment Tonight and other celebrity news outlets had reporters at this press conference.

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