MTV Comments on Photos of The (Blatantly Staged) Hills

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As we reported back on October 11, there is evidence in recent photos of The Hills that prove the "reality" show is a sham. And we're not just talking about Heidi Montag's plastic surgery-enhanced rack (or her engagement ring).

No, her relationship with Spencer Pratt (and singing career and apartment and job) aren't the only fake things on the hit reality show. The show is fake in and of itself. A stunning revelation here at The Hollywood Gossip.

So great is the evidence that a rep for MTV was forced to comment on photos of Heidi and Spencer at LAX... where he drops her off to go see her folks, then picks her up... a few minutes and one outfit change later! Smooth, guys.

Heidi and Spencer at LAX

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: A joyful, entirely bogus reunion.

BUSTED! While there's no denying it, MTV issued a statement that "This was a pickup shot for continuity that in no way affected the story line."

While this may be more or less true, they could do a better job hiding obvious fakery such as this. Or Lauren Conrad's changing fingernail colors. Or Spencer's mysterious disappearing, reappearing facial hair. What a douche.

In closing, all we have to say is ... Team Whitney Port!


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Team Elodie!!! I can't stand them and thanks for mentioning Lauren's changing nail colour, argh such a silly show and yet I watch.

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