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The rumors persist, and they are revolting. Well, half revolting.

Let's just say that when John Mayer and Minka Kelly began dating recently, which we are still getting used to, forming a couple known heretofore as either Jinka or Jelly (we can't decide), it's clear what each brings to the relationship...

John Mayer in Las Vegas
  • Minka Kelly brings acting talent (as the star of Friday Night Lights), a weird and damn sexy first name, and stunning good looks.
  • John Mayer has bagged a lot of chicks, has a huge dome, and dominates the airwaves with a unique brand of introspective, mediocre soft rock hits.

It's a match built to last... for like 10 days. Anyway, here are two new photos of Minka Kelly and John Mayer, Hollywood's newest hot couple ...

Minka Kelly: So hot. John Mayer: So not.


Perfect work!


John Mayer is the best! So Hawt! I think this writer is a HO! You have bad taste. Yucck!!
What a Lesbo.


wow! i'm glad this 2 person match up. they're so like a perfect couple for me. john mayer is a really great musician, and minka kelly is really a talented actress. what can go wrong?


I think it's a better combination than him and Jessica...John is WAY hawt!


I dont like these two as a couple.Why couldnt John be as kind to Jessie? He is a HO.

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John Mayer, Minka Kelly
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Los Angeles, California
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