Lauren Conrad's Fashion Must-Haves

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It's no secret that millions of fans of Laguna Beach and The Hills have long coveted the laid-back, yet glamorous style of Lauren Conrad. People magazine got the lowdown from LC on her favorite fall fashion must-haves.

  • The good news? Many are quite affordable.
  • The bad news? Lauren Conrad looks like Lauren Conrad and most of us don't! You have to admit, she has a bit of an edge here.
Mya Fashion Choice

LC loves heels, and among her favorite pairs are the "Rio-8" spectator Dolce Vitas: "I love Mary Janes, they're really cute. This pair of Dolce Vita's make me tall."

The California cutie likes sticking with easy breezy dresses but when she does slip into a pair of jeans, The Hills star opts for the Lux high waisted three button jean.

Her dress of choice? The Audrina - named after roommate and friend Audrina Patridge, and available from her namesake clothing line. LC says: "I love the Audrina dress. All the pieces are comfortable and emulate my personal style."

The designer's favorite accessory is a Hamsa hand string bracelet. "This was a gift from friends when I was having a hard time. It protects me," says Lauren.

When it comes to fragrance, Lauren Conrad loves her Miss Dior Cherie.


LC has a great sense of style and she's one of the prettiest women on eart, BUT she's also one of the most idiotic ones. that sweet and innocent act doesnt fool us all.




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She is soo pretty.


yep, I saw the pictures yesterday.


Did you see the pictures of her getting alchohol, that was a lot of alchohol, you can find them at celebutopia or pink is the new blog.


My friend has been telling me about this hasma bracelet, what is it about, does it have any meaning?

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I don’t feel girly without long hair! There is something so sexy about having long blonde hair. It’s so feminine.

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