Lauren Conrad Pictures From Mark Cosmetics Photo Shoot

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The beautiful Lauren Conrad strikes a pose (and yawns a little) on Tuesday during a Mark cosmetics photo shoot on the beach in Santa Monica, Calif.

The lovely Hills star posed atop and in front of surfboards while wearing summer dresses and tops. Many Lauren Conrad photos can be seen in the next magalog (mark. catalog) since she is the first spokesmodel for the Avon product line.

Being a model and a reality TV star is hard work for Lauren Conrad!


Wow, some of you are insane, you seriously think Lc is chubby, she looks ok to me.


shes hot and chubby ..well ur jsut jelouse .... another natural human problem instead of appreicaiting beauty u put it down cuz u think it makes u prettier hahah ... trust me i knwo all about the type i went threw it in highschool probably like many of us did .. how ever some ppl dont grow out of it ... i must say i have never been the jelouse type...more like the i feel srry for the ppl who go out of there way to cut others up due to their issues ... its grose how many ppl dont know how to deal with prety ppl ... nad when u are prety u get labaled as shallow when no one knows who u are to begin with ... srry peeps YEALL NEED TO FOCUS ON YOURSELVES not others flaws


She is too pretty. Lauren is quite slim...people who call her chubby must like rexi like the the old nicole richie. Either way she is gorgeous.


I luv LC, but all I can think about is when Kristin Cavalleri said, on Laguna Beach "Princess Lauren". It's like she can do no wrong!


The person who said she is chubby has issue.


Who said she was chubby? Either ur fat ass hell or. Ur just a hater... what's chubby on her? I want to know cuz I don't see n e thing chubby.. Why is this world full of HATERS? I mean really.. What u have to look like ur dyin of aids.. Skinny.. Like half of these other soo called stars.... mischa barton and the olsen twins are nasty lookin she fine.. Ur just mad cuz u wanna b her and if ur a guy ur madd cuz she would never date ur retarded a** GET A LIFE HATERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!


awww....she is just pretty!!!




She looks great.


Lauren Conrad Biography

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A Laguna Beach alumna, the gorgeous Lauren Conrad has gone on to be the star of its spin-off series, The Hills. Back in her high school... More »
Laguna Beach, California
Full Name
Lauren Katherine Conrad

Lauren Conrad Quotes

Someone with a great sense of humor is the most important thing, and someone who really supports me in everything I do... I don’t ever want to make an excuse for trying to work hard and having my own life. I love a guy that supports that and loves that.

Lauren Conrad [on men]

I don’t feel girly without long hair! There is something so sexy about having long blonde hair. It’s so feminine.

Lauren Conrad