Larry Birkhead Poses with Paris Hilton

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What are you doing, Larry Birkhead?

We've been on your side in the Dannielynn custody battle for months and you seem like a decent enough father.

But then you announce a reality TV show; and now you're spotted with Paris Hilton at the Playboy Halloween party.

After taking this photo, we hope you washed your hands multiple times before picking up your daughter with them.

Photo credit: eNewsBuzz.


For crying out loud what's wrong posing for a pic with someone like paris?Paris is a beautiful young lady and I think it's all envious!!!


LB exploiting a famous, knuckle-headed blonde. I see a pattern.


The only thing about this picture that surprises me is that Paris would actually be seen with Larry since by all accounts she's very shallow and Larry is a quasi celebrity at best. But for Larry this makes perfect sense, Paris is blonde, had a reality show and is famous for having money that isn't hers, sound like anyone else Larry was associated with?

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