Kalie Machado: Britney Spears Needs Mental Help

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For three of the most turbulent months of Britney Spears' life, Kalie Machado was a witness to the wreckage, a constant presence by the "singer's" side.

As the great train wreck's personal assistant starting in December 2006, Kalie Machado soon found herself a featured player in Britney's daily soap opera.

In other words, part-time nanny to her kids / full-time drinking companion and shoulder to cry on. And, in the case of Shannon Funk, occasional lesbian lover.

Now back in Northern California where she grew up, Machado tells Us Weekly some of the heartbreaking details of Britney's breakup with FedEx, and how Spears even desperately tried to win the deadbeat back for a time.

"She wanted so badly to have the father of her babies. When Britney thought about Kevin not wanting her, she would bawl," said Kalie Machado (pictured above with Britney Spears). "She would just look at Sean Preston and Jayden James and say, 'Where's your daddy? I need help. Where's your daddy?'"

And Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, were with Britney Spears when she and Federline had their final fight, something Kalie Machado says Brit felt she was tricked into. After following him to New York with their sons, "She stood up for herself, and it backfired... That was what [K-Fed] wanted."

Spears also hung her wedding dress in the bedroom of her Malibu home and kept framed photos of K-Fed all over the house. "She would ask, 'Why did he do this to me?'" Kalie Machado said, adding that "It just made her crazy and depressed."

Kalie Machado's conclusion? "She needs mental help," she says.

Heck, we could have told you that for less money, Us. But we're glad for Kalie's comments. Move over, Sam Lutfi. There's a new Spears pal grabbing headlines.

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I would like to apply for her Nanny position. I am great with children, mine is in College now. She needs someone that cares about her and her kids that has also had to deal with a low bread man. I could help her alot if that's what she's looking for. Deb


Now we are getting down to the real truth. That slime ball KFed knew what he was doing the whole time! No one could understand why she married him in the first place. He is the same slime we didn't like then, He hurt this girl, used her for fame and money, got her pregnant and now acts like he is the good guy in all of this?! He sucks! What goes around comes around KFed slime. You will get yours!!! Britney millions love you and are praying for you! Congrats on your new album!