Jonny Wants Legal Fairplay, Sues Danny Bonaduce

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The police decided they won't press charges, but that hasn't stopped reality star Jonny Fairplay is suing another reality star - Danny Bonaduce - for battery and infliction of emotional distress for tossing him during an awards show last week.

The Jonny Fairplay lawsuit stems, of course, from the pair's confrontation on stage during the FOX Reality Really Channel awards.

Fairplay, 33, was being jeered by the audience when Bonaduce, 48, came out and said into the mic, "They're booing because they hate you."

A moment later, Jonny Fairplay (real name Jon Dalton) jumped into the arms of Danny Bonaduce, who tossed him over his head. It kind of hurt.

Jonny Fairplay landed on his face, losing several teeth.

Police investigated but declined to press charges, calling the actions of Danny Bonaduce complicit with "self-defense."

But on Tuesday, Fairplay filed suit against the former Partridge Family star, as well as FOX reality channel, the show's producers and the club venue.

Jonny Fairplay claims that the incident has caused him "great mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering." He is suing for an undisclosed amount of "general damages" from Danny Bonaduce.

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