Jennifer Lopez: Still Pregnant

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We'd be a lot happier for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony if they weren't so blatantly milking her pregnancy for publicity purposes.

J-Lo is obviously in the same expecting state as Halle Berry and Tameka Foster, so we wish she'd release a simple statement admitting as much.

Holy Hairstyle!

Otherwise, it begins to look like the singer - whose most recent album tanked - is simply trying to remain in entertainment news headlines by keeping the pregnancy a mystery. And that's just sad.

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Whoever wrote this article is obviously stupid. Pregnancy or not, the woman will always be in the news. She wasn't pregnant last year and she was still part of the most talked about celebs. This is her first baby, give the woman a break, she has the right to announce it or not, so get a life and stop living on celeb gossip, she owes it to no one to announce it.


I notice a lot of celebrity sites say things like this, but in a lot of cultures it's really unlucky to announce birth prematurely, especially if the expectant mother had troubles conceiving in the past. Not saying J-Lo did, but it's kind of like counting your chickens before they hatch. I forget the celeb, but I remember a few years ago there was someone who miscarried and then wrote it was devestating that it happened in the public eye. Give Jen a break, maybe she's just trying not to jinx anything