Hot Celebrity Gossip: Derek Jeter Dating Gabrielle Union

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Yankees superstar Derek Jeter will need a hot bat if New York is to surpass the upstart Cleveland Indians in this week's American League Division Series.

But no matter what, he has a hot girlfriend in Gabrielle Union!

Gabrielle Union Picture

Don't hate. Derek Jeter can't help being awesome at baseball and good looking. In fact, he's a classy, modest guy - remarkable for someone with four rings who hits .317 career and has slept with Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey and Jessica Biel.

According to the New York Post, Jeter and Union are now a couple, though. And damn, she's hot. Take a look at this photo of Derek's newest girlfriend ...

Best known for roles in Bad Boys and Bring It On, Gabrielle Union is a beautiful actress and model who has dated a number of notable athletes. In fact, she was married for four years to Chris Howard of the Jaguars... and went out with Jason Kidd in high school. She's also been linked to Javon Walker. And Ludacris.

Yeah. Here's hoping that she finds a little stability with the Yankees shortstop, who she was linked to as far back as February, and denied dating at the time!

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Eigentlich ein super Post, aber kannst du beim nachsten Mal ein bisschen umfassender schreiben? Das ware wirklich toll ;-)


Danke, nun endlich habe ich dies in der Tiefe begriffen


so which game was this, that DJ claimed to have seen his dream girl? were they playing at home or away?


I though you were married


Of course he's seen his dream girl. It was me!!! I haven't been back in over a year so he's still looking for me. HA! HA! On a more serious note, she is pretty and good for him if he's happy. the post is full of it. Getting married- how funny is that?


The Post is clueless. Have it on record from a former teammate of Derek's that he actually thinks he's seen his "dream girl" at a yankee game once! Apparently DJ spent the whole year hoping the mystery woman would show up at another game and he would spot her again but he hasn't had any luck but is for sure obsessed with the fact that he has seen the face of the woman of his dreams at least once!


Is this confirmed? I mean just 6 months ago the post had him marrying Stacy and now he is with her? Just wondering if they are getting married yet or pregnant or if she has herpes now too? The Post is so full of it sometimes...


She's gorgeous and hot.


Gabrielle is ssooo pretty and derek jeter is ssoo hott.... SO WHO LOOKS BETTER? Beyonce or gabrielle?? I think gabrielle... what do u guys think?



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