Heidi Montag Admits Spreading Lauren Conrad Sex Tape Rumors, Then Claims Blog Was Hacked

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After being outed by Brody Jenner in last night's enthralling episode of The Hills as the source of vicious rumors, the plastic Heidi Montag posted this blurb this morning on her website regarding the Lauren Conrad sex tape:

Fake Newlyweds

Her words, with typically bad grammar: "Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren Conrad's sex tape." Spencer and I, girl. Spencer and I.

But a few hours later, apparently, Heidi Montag has retracted the Lauren Conrad sex tape rumor admission we all know is true. She claims her official site was hacked!

The mea culpa above has been removed. Weak sauce.

Whoever hacked Heidi Montag's official site, if that's what happened, gets major props from The Hollywood Gossip. Next time, we hope to see a post in which Spencer endorses his favorite brands of tampons and yeast cream.

But what do you think? Do you believe Heidi Montag's hacker claim? We never know what to believe in The Hills universe, except three things:

  1. Jen Bunney is really annoying.
  2. We need to see more Whitney Port!
  3. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt need to take a course in web design. Come on, people. You claim to be celebrities and these are your sites? Losers.

I don't feel sorry for Heidi, she is NOT the victim of Spencer, she made the choice of choosing him over her friends and family, she brought it herself.... the most ridiculous thing is that she act like it's not her fault or that she can't control it....bullshit!!! she's so fake being a blond bimbo and trying to be keep her hair blond and getting her boobs done. The sad thing is that she's sooo nooot pretty... her face is boring and in some scenes i thought her face looks like a man! UGLY !


Heidi is so fake and pretentious, seemingly to be innocent, shedding responsibility on how she "can't control what Spencer does", and has such a weak character!! I would NEVER let a boyfriend treat my family and friends the way Spencer treats hers. The sad thing is that Heidi is such an easy target for Spencer that it only make his conquest seem not-worthwhile. Even Heidi talks about how she believes in God and everything, but she's one of the most shallow and superficial person in the show!! Despite her friends and family's opposition, she chose Spencer because he provides her with expensive gifts$$$$, fame, and bad popularity (which still leads to a form of publicity that this attention whore craves)... it is obvious that Spencer comes from a better background than she is.


heidi wake up and get a clue. like you think a person who gets you to spread malicious rumors about someone you once called a best friend loves you???????well he does not and he is so evil and ugly i wonder what it is you see in him.....i hate you, your just a stone cold bitch


It's fun to see that no one likes Heidi?
I think she is too cool, and everyone should kill Lauren. Long live Heidi.


And where at you here Rss the channel? Give references please


i think the whole rumor was planned so that they'd have a plot for the season of this gay ass show ever notice that nobody gives a shat, if a tape doesn't exist then why the fahk would LC even care about that rumor


I am not a fan of Heidi. I just feel sorry for her because she has such a controlling rude boyfriend. Lauren seems like a sweet girl and I love her fashion line. I just signed up for the contest on hautelook.com that mark cosmetics is doing. They are giving away two front row tickets to Lauren's next fashion show! She dresses you in something from her new collection and you get to keep it! do you think this will be filmed for the show? That would be cool.


I love Heidi. Lauren is a total bitch, but the Hills is fake. they played the fight up more than it was.


Heidi you should forget about being popular and rich. Just live like everyone one else around. Money isn't everything its about friends family and being loved for who you really are. So stop being fake and get off your high horse and face reality.


i think spencer did!!But heidi is just blind


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