George Clooney: Yes to Motorcycles, No to Presidency

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You can look forward to seeing George Clooney sitting on a motorcycle again in the future.

But the head chair in the Oval Office? Not so much.

"I ride a motorcycle when I'm home in Los Angeles," the actor, asked if his motorcycle days are over, answered in response to a reader's question in the new issue of Time magazine.

And, based on how solid of a relationship Clooney appears to have with Sarah Larson, you can expect to see her riding with him again down the line. And on top of him, of course.

"It's my main mode of transportation," Clooney said simply. "I've been riding for 30 years, and I've had three accidents, which isn't bad odds. I'll keep riding."

But what about running, George? As in, running the country?

Perhaps inspired by Brad Pitt's recent comment that when it came to running for President of the United States, "George should do it! He'd be quite good," Clooney said he'll leave that to Barack Obama, John McCain and other politicians.

"No," he said. "As an advocate, I can take a side and stand by it and not have to worry about ticking off some constituents who helped get me elected. I don't want all those kinds of strings attached."

The stud does, though, still have a cause he believes in, challenging all pundits to debate with him over the situation in Darfur.

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brad is such a moron to think george could ever be president. the hollywood idiot are so out there. they live in their little make believe world.