Demi Moore Nude Pictures Held Hostage

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There are easier ways than this to see Demi Moore naked.

According to Maxim Radio's The Manertainment Report, photos of the actress in the buff are being held hostage by a French taxi driver. Couldn't this guy just rent the movie Striptease instead?

Demi Moore Harper's Bazaar Cover

Here's the supposed story: Ashton Kutcher left his cell phone in the cab during an April vacation - and it happened to contain over 30 pictures of his beautiful wife nude. Now, the device is being held for a $1 million ransom; the cabbie is threatening to sell the pics to the highest bidder if his demands aren't met.

We're huge fans of Kutcher and Moore. They're a stable couple that's created a loving family, one that actually includes Demi's ex Bruce Willis. And as silly a name as she has, Rumer Willis does seem pretty well-grounded.

But if this story is somehow true, the pair deserves to lose a million bucks. Haven't they learned anything from Vanessa Hudgens naked pics, Katie Rees nude photos... and all the other examples of lewd pictures being leaked?

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