David Copperfield Suspends Magic Shows Indefinitely

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Under investigation for rape, David Copperfield has canceled upcoming shows in Southeast Asia following an FBI search of his Las Vegas warehouse and a casino theater where he regularly performs.

"His management sent an e-mail to organizers Sunday to inform that his shows will be postponed indefinitely," a Thai spokesman said Monday.

Copperfield was scheduled to perform shows in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in coming weeks. The cancellations came as the FBI conducted searches in Las Vegas last week after allegations that David Copperfield "forced himself" on an unidentified woman while in the Bahamas.

David Copperfield's lawyer, David Chesnoff, has said the allegations against the magician "are false, as David Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone."

Neither law enforcement officials nor Chesnoff has provided details about the investigation. The woman's identity is also being kept confidential.

Chesnoff said shows were canceled as tour operators in Asia defaulted on their contracts. "Those are serious allegations," he said. "But there's no truth to them."

Promoters of some Asian shows are trying to negotiate with David Copperfield's management to reschedule the performances or recoup some of their losses.

"We are told by Copperfield management that David's show had been canceled by the artist," said Peter Basuki, whose company was organizing a Jakarta show. "With this, we have lost more than $1 million. Business is business. We want to make a profit. But this is making us lose money."


Linda Barr, i find you just as guilty as copperfield if your gonna be blinded by his stardom and not of what really accured. I hope my sister will be able to get her life back together again. What the hell would she have to gain from all this? In my opinion any lady who is raped has nothing to gain, nothing... No matter who they are or what they do they all are looked down upon. I hope Mr. Copperfield gets whats comming to him and Mrs. Barr, i hope you can see through his magic and do alittle background work to see who the people are that your appraising, you make me sick as well...


Mr. Copperfield, I wish you the best and hope that you will be able to get your life back again.


Why would David Copperfield force himself on anyone. He could have all the women he wants. Good luck David you are awesome. Too bad you have so much money. Sometimes it can cause a lot of trouble.


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