Danny Bonaduce Body Slams Jonny Fairplay on Stage

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You expect plenty of losers drama at an awards show designated specifically for reality TV stars, but Danny Bonaduce took it to another level entirely last night.

At the FOX Reality Channel Really Awards, the "Breaking Bonaduce" star hopped on stage, picked up the notorious Survivor contestant, Jonny Fairplay and body slammed him on his face, leaving him bloodied and toothless.

Survivor legend Jonny Fairplay was taken to the hospital in an ambulance after getting dropped on his face in a fight with an angry, insane Danny Bonaduce.

It was a sight to behold. Here's how and why it went down. Danny Bonaduce went on Adam Carolla's radio show today, explaining that he's "always been bugged by Jonny Fairplay," who lied on Survivor to win sympathy.

Danny Bonduce, therefore, had no problem stepping on stage to inform Fairplay that the crowd was booing him. Jonny Fairplay then jumped into Bonaduce's arms, and that's about when the Bonaduce beatdown occured.

Danny should probably save his "testimony" for a judge, seeing as he's now the suspect in a "felony battery report" or something along those lines. Maybe he can ask O.J. Simpson for the number of a good team of lawyers.


Johnny Fairplay asked for trouble jumpping on a time bomb like Danny Bonduce. Bonduce is a violent guy -- it was wrong for him to through the guy over his head, but it was also wrong of Fairplay to jump onto Danny the way he did. The two of them are both idiots -- why anyone is even interested is beyond me.?????


Assault is defined as nonconsensual touching, like jumping on someone. Sexual assault would be if you touched them with your genitals or on their genitals


This just goes to show that there are people in our society who think you DONT have to take responsibilty for your actions. Since when is it ACCEPTABLE for anyone to jump on someone else...and why does the VICTIM have to BEG or REASON with the person to get off of him? When the bad guy gets hurt, he turns into the victim!THIS is why our world is screwed up! I dont know ONE man who wouldnt do whatever it takes to get a unwanted person off of him.


Are you people kidding? Sheppy has it right, Fairplay jumps on him and he should just stand there and hang on? I dont know anyone who wouldnt have done the same thing. Fairplay is suppose to be a wrestler, he should know how to take a fall.


Fairplay assulted Danny Bonaduce not the other way around. Bonaduce walked away after making a statement. Fairplay called to Bonaduce and than jumped onto Bonaduce (assult). Bonaduce had every legal and ethical right to remove Fairplay from his assult. Fairplay should have known that one day someone was not going to think his assult was funny. So my comment to Fairplay - f you!


Yea this is for real. Johnny Fairplay is a douchebag and he totally deserved it. Video here http://www.snupped.com/danny-b...


So is this article for real? The Fairplay guy jumped on Danny and started humping him. Pretty sure I would of thrown him off of me too. Last time I checked, when you jump on another straight guy and start humping them, bad things usually tend to happen. Pretty sure after i threw him off of me, i would of continued to beat the hell out of him afterwards.


Anyone knows that you can potentially cause serious harm, paralyze or possibly kill someone throwing them on a hard floor, head first, from that height. This person sustained serious injuries but he's lucky it wasn't much worse. What's even more disturbing than this video is the response of some about this. Go to TMZ's website, you'll notice a ton of people congratulating Mr. Bonaduce for these actions. How unbelievably sad and scary that some people don't seem to mind that this was a violent crime that could have killed an innocent individual who did not deserve this. Irregardless of how you feel about this person, this was a potentially deadly action and Mr. Bonaduche, being a trained fighter knows he could have possibly killed him. Mr. Bonaduche should be arrested and put in jail. His prescription psychiatric drug use has made him a ticking time bomb. He's a danger to society and has broken the law one time to many.

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