Corbin Bleu on: High School Musical 3, Vanessa Hudgens Nude and More

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We hear a lot about Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

But TV Guide recently chatted with another High School Musical star, Corbin Bleu. Here are highlights from the interview: High School Musical has literally taken your life to new heights.
Bleu: It has, it has. I'm now heading to the airport, to get on a plane to Italy to promote High School Musical. After that, I get to go to Paris. It's my first time in France. Let's talk a little about High School Musical 3. I've heard that you guys are going to start shooting in January. Is that true?
Bleu: I don't know. I'm not quite sure if that's the case. That might be a little bit of a rumor. I think there are no dates really set in stone at the moment. I'm not even signed yet. Have you been approached?
Bleu: Actually, I have been approached and I'm in negotiations and working on just figuring it out. I definitely would love to be a part of it. Have you received any sort of details? Is there a script? A plotline?
Bleu: No, we don't have a script yet, but I'm pretty sure the plotline is going to be graduation and the final senior year at East High. And is this pretty much a done deal for you? You're definitely in? The two previous movies have been so successful.
Bleu: Yeah, they've been incredible experiences and it's really going to be nice to go back for one last hurrah and then just finish up the whole High School Musical phenomenon. You know, it's going to be great, but also stressful. I've got another movie that I'm going to be working on in November. So the incident with [Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures], was that a wake-up call when it comes to protecting your privacy?
Bleu: I think that one of the most important things to remember is that, as people, whether you're under the microscope or not, you should try to practice good morals and try to practice being a good person. As long as you are doing that as a person, no matter what, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

[But] if you're trying to put up a good image and then at the same time you're out partying and doing a whole bunch of other stuff wrong, it becomes a little bit more of a pressure because you have to worry about trying to uphold that. But if you're doing exactly what you're saying you're doing, then you have nothing to worry about.

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i agree with every one who supports vannesa cos shes a teen-ager and has the right ,i no shes suppost to be a roll-modle to kids but its a private matter , harry potter did it in london if u agree wiv me right back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


vaness u ar pretty but u have come a bitch and no i think vanessa should not play in high school musical 3 it shouid be miley cyrus


I love u Corbin and you are the best guy i saw in my life for the first time in my life.


i love u corbin bleu your #1 fan forever


Vanessa,Zac,Corben,Ashly,Lucas and the girl who plays taylor should be in the final.
P.S. Vanessa is cool


I luv Corbin Bleu He iz soo freekin hot n talented were gettin married 2!


i think V has the right to do what she wants she is an adult so yea i think its none of our bzns or our right to judge i mean look at all these other actesses some pose for playboy so i dont think she did anything wrong i still love her to death and plus its in the past so why are u lettin it bother you now


Vanessa didnt do anything wrong to hurt us. She doesn't even know us all so why shuld we comment and argue about those pics. I mean c'mmon everybody makes mistakes.I'm a filipino nd her mum is too nd i know what filipino lyf is lyk we wuldnt do anything to ruin our lives. Vanessa must av learned a lot from her mum cz vanessa is half filipino. If those pics got in the web then it wsnt her fault.Sumone cruel mst av dun it.Just forget bout it guys we culd do so much more than argue and tlk about vanessa's lyf. remember we all make mistakes so no-ones perfect. Jst mind our own business. And Vanessa,Corbin,Zac,Monique,Ashley and lucas are all going to be in HSM 3!!!! peace.... im out




hey corbin
me n jenni both love u to bits we had a cat fight over u . we wish u luck in hsm3 . will u send me a pic for us we love u .say hi to zak efron for ma pal emma
love jordan ,jennifer n ma girls