Cheri Oteri Tries to Finger Jessica Simpson

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Tara Conner may be through with girl-on-girl action.

But it looks like comedian Cheri Oteri is just getting started... much to the dismay of Jessica Simpson.

Kind of Rough

We have no idea what's actually going on in the photo below, but the singer doesn't look to be a fan of the two-fingered taco tango. At least now when John Mayer isn't the one leading the dance.

You're feeling up the wrong female celebrity, Cheri. Let us go find the phone number of Tila Tequila...


ih,kc lesbian,emang udah gak ad cwo tow,,apa untungnya coba,


t nule ma cheri


wadduhh parahhh!! dah kebalik nih dunia!! hahahahha


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waaah realizerealizedd u hv religion?back to normally sex again...wht's taste if doing make with woman too?????u will be submit&member hell..hahahahahah...
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Obvious photoshop. There's no way someone's face would be that close to your own without you blinking.




I had a three way with Cheri and Janeane once and it was great


I would like to be the meat in that sandwich


No big deal. Oteri is just checking her oil.

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