Charlie Sheen's Emails to Denise Richards: Not Pretty

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The Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards divorce case is uglier than Courtney Love.

Emails Sheen sent to his ex-wife - and others - after their marriage was long over were leaked to entertainment news outlets and, well, we can't do them justice.

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So here's a simple, point-by-point summary of them:

  • The actor wrote: "Go cry to your bald mom, you [bleep]ing loser." Richards' mother is currently receiving chemotherapy for kidney cancer.
  • There were approximately 30 pictures of Sheen in an aroused state that the star allegedly emailed to women (and, according to Richards' assertion, underage boys) he met online.
  • In regard to Richards' parenting skills, Sheen wrote: "You are a pig. A sad, jobless pig who is sad and talentless and evil and a bad mom, so go [expletive] yourself, you sad jobless pig."

We wish we could at least give the actor credit for originality - or a diverse vocabulary - but Jayden James could probably come up with more creative insults than these.

All we have to say is: Best of luck, Brooke Mueller.


Denise is full of sh*t, retarded coke whore. She is so freaking jealous of Brooke and Charlie that she can't just leave them alone. She waffles back and forth from trying to be their best friends and seducing him for another child and releasing BS like this when he rejects her. Charlie finally looks happy - can we all just give the guy a break and let him be happy for once, he's given us years of entertainment with his acting and tabloid stories. It looks like he just wants to settle down and avoid the drama. Leave him alone, Denise!!! If any of this BS were true, he'd be behind bars not on a hit TV show! I think his e-mails pretty much hit the nail on the head!


None of you know what she is putting him though. She was just pretending to be civil a few months ago, well AFTER emails. Now he is engaged, and she is just pissed off.
You all know, that most couples when they break up, say stuff exactly like this to each other.
It's just words, she is doing other things, actions!!
Which inspire the harsh words. She needs to stop if she wants him to treat her civilly. He doesn't owe her crap to see the kids.


hope that they'll settle it down without press!


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