Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 41: Anna Friel, Evangeline Lilly

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Two great shows, two beautiful women.

Indeed, when it comes to Pushing Daisies and Lost, ABC has more than a pair of hit programs on its hands. It's got a pair of talented, gorgeous actresses.

Anna Friel Picture

Check out the comparison between Anna Friel and Evangeline Lilly below. It's hard to tell them apart, isn't it?

Yes, Anna Friel nude is attractive. But can we focus on her similarities to another famous actress for now please?


a closer anna friel look alike is zooey deschanel


They dont look anything alike lol and i think Anna Friel is alot hotter.


And Again:
http://aniramita.files.wordpre... http://imagecache2.allposters.... Kate Backinsale (Pearl Harbor-Click-Underworld-Van Helsing-Serendipity)
Evangeline Lilly (Lost)


Dont you think better compare Evangeline Lilly with Kate Beckinsale, i think its most beautiful comparison. And Kate was the name in lost of Evangeline. I love both. They are so perfect Kate and Evangeline.
Sorry about my english im from Argentine.


Not many similarities in my opinion. Evangeline has this unique beauty which is hard to replicate.


Sure they both have a set of eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair etc. they must be twins! LOL dude, they don't look alike, there isn't one feature that looks the same, even their hair is different colors.


WTF Evangeline is million times hotter.


Umm there teeth is yellow!
I can't believe it's not butter!
I love Beyonce!

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Anna Friel, Vanity Fair
Anna Friel is an adorable British actress. She's making it big in the States now due to her popularity on the show Pushing Daisies. More »
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