Cate Blanchett: Baby on Board?

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As we urge Jennifer Lopez to admit she's pregnant, a new celebrity is making us wonder whether or not a bun is in her oven.

Take a look at Cate Blanchett. Should she and husband Andrew Upton be making plans for a new nursery?

Cate at Cannes

Just last month, Blanchett said: "We're not going to wait forever [to have another baby]... God, I'd love it to be now. I'd love it to be next week."

And maybe it is. What do you think? Is Cate about to join Halle Berry as a gorgeous, knocked up actress?


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Cate at Cannes
Cate Blanchett is a beautiful and talented actress you just don't hear too much about on gossip sites like this. And that probably says... More »
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