Britney Spears' Parenting Coach Paints Pretty Picture

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Not! Britney Spears' parenting coach - yes, a parenting coach (could it get more pathetic?) has submitted a report to the court - and it's worse than you think.

Sources say the two-and-a-half page report depicts Britney Spears ignoring the parenting coach - we're talking about not even acknowledging her presence.

The coach, who might want to take up a new profession, says she was unable to teach the "singer" anything, because Britney Spears didn't wanna listen, y'all!!

The report, which was presented to the court yesterday and will be critical in the task of determining if Spears should regain 50/50 custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1, concludes that Britney often ignores her kids and lives in her own little world. Now there's something we didn't know!

Moreover, Britney often disappeared and wasn't around the coach... or the kids. The coach says Britney "spends lots of time on the phone and changing clothes." The Hollywood Gossip could have told y'all this without wasting money on a coach!

Spears' fate won't be sealed until October 26, but K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, is certainly going to have a field day with this one.


I totally agree! Why is everyone so for K-fed now? He was the out drinking and doing drugs. He lights up in public but thats no big deal because he's not Britney! If you look at her life from where K-Fed entered it you can see how he messed her up. Where's his parenting coach?


K-Fed can smoke weed in public yet Britney needs the coach?! You freaks will do anything to upset this girl! Kevin is not the better parent! In it for money! We all know that! Paps driving Brit nuts! We all know that! God, I feel for this girl and I hope all goes well for her. Remeber what they did to Diana? Freaks! They should just GO AWAY!


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