Britney Spears: Not Amused By Chris Crocker

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Thanks to his passionate, tearful and unintentionally hilarious appeal for celebrity gossip sites and people in general to back off Britney Spears (!), nut job Chris Crocker quickly became one of the train wreck singer's best-known fans.

The feeling is not mutual.

Spears in Pink

The Tennessee native, who garnered instant fame after posting his "Leave Britney Alone!" YouTube video, rubs the pop princess the wrong way.

"Britney does not think Chris Crocker is funny," a Spears pal, possibly Sam Lufti, tells Us Weekly. "She thinks he's creepy and that his videos are an obvious attempt at fame. She finds it insulting and difficult to watch."

But Chris Crocker defends his teary online tribute.

"It was to give Britney fans a voice," he said. "There is nothing insulting there. It was for her fans to show our support."

Crocker was in L.A. promoting Onch Movement jewelry when he learned Spears lost custody of Sean Preston Federline, 2, and Jayden James Federline, 1.

But her #1 fan is confident that the situation is only temporary.

"My mom lost custody of me when she was younger and she got it back," says the outspoken Crocker. "She can always get it together. She's just not herself right now, it's a transitional time in her life. She's got time to change and she will."

Thanks, as always, for the words of infinite wisdom, Chris Crocker. It's a good thing this dude is getting his own reality show.

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You call a guy with mental illness a "nut job"? You are fucking disgusting


Wow, Chris looks like ME when I first started having sex with college girls back in the late 90's.
After seeing these pictures, I'm definitley going to get rid of my "butch" look, and let my hair grow out again.
That is just amazing, Chris Crocker scared me, a devout lesbian back into having sex with males. Thanks for posting those pictures, it definitley was a turning point in my life.


Chris Crocker needs to get it through to his...or her head that Britney Spears is pretty creeped out about the guy....or chick. I would be creeped out too if I had some stranger posting up videos about how crazy he is about me, that's just sickening.


omg i cnt believe dat brit lose her kids.even though she has been in n out of rehab she is still a gooud mother.Every child needs there mum so GIVE HER KIDS BACK KEVIN

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