Britney Spears: Music Video For "Gimme More"

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It's the moment we've been anticipating for so long. Or at least since an hour ago when we first learned about it. Britney Spears' music video from her new single, "Gimme More," has been released online as of this morning.

Its premiere on MTV is set for October 8. "Gimme More" was featured during Britney's epic meltdown at the MTV VMAs last month, and the first single from her upcoming album, Blackout, which is reportedly set to drop November 13.

Britney and Jayden in Paris

Gimme more? Give us less? Check the video out and let us know your thoughts.


Britney Spears: Grinding poles, making Sean Preston and Jayden James proud.


britney spears!you are such a pretty girl"]i never gave up on you when other ppl did!


britney you are my role model ily/// im your true # 1 fan i hope i will meet you some day and when the world hated you i was there for you and stuck up for you whan people doupted you ily/ sincerly holly


Some of you people are so pathetic. if you hate her so much why do u even bother watching her video? no one FORCES you to. not only do you WATCH it, but u waste more time COMMENTING about it. obviously you don't hate her enough to not care, cuz you seem to care a great deal. Just let her be, let her do what she wants to do in her videos and music, if you hate it, DON'T WATCH/LISTEN...pretty simple, guys. so stop telling britney to "go away" or "retire" bout you STOP looking at her stuff? this song's topping the charts anyway, so like it or not, she's not going anywhere for awhile.


I had to go see the video on another site but had to comment on it here. Ok .. enough is enough, Britney. We have watched you go from sweet and innocent ... to sexy. That was a good move, but what are you trying to do with this? In light of all your personal-made-public problems and escapades, I would think that now is NOT the time to make a comeback looking raunchy. Try remembering what the public will see you as. On the other hand if you just want to be noticed ... and in the lime-light.......well that you are, dear child, that you are.


Hey, You can check out the video for free at It is on the homepage. The theme for her new video should not have been stripping considering the attention on her personal life. I think it just gives everyone another reason to throw their hands up in disgust.


guys! i found Britney's nude video on


Sickening!!!Felt like I was in a sleazy strip joint. Song doesn't even make sense, only sex. She doesn't deserve to raise 2 children.


Britney plays two roles in this video: Blond Britney and Dark Hair Pole Dancer Britney. If you thought one Britney was enough, now we have 2. I don't think 2 Britneys are enough to spend more time with her kids...A comeback? yea, perhaps! Getting her 2 kids back? IMPOSSIBLE!


I thought it was good. At this point she can't win, those who hate her will continue to do so for every liitle thing and those who don't,... same. She has more clothes on in this video than some of her past ones. All the GREAT Mom performers did the same thing, sells. Cher knew it, Madonna knew it, the list goes on.


laughable.......please retire.


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