Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears Heckled By Passerby

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The fun won't stop for Britney Spears and sister Jamie Lynn Spears!

Sunday, the pair stopped at a gas station in Malibu so Britney could get a large candy bar, bottled water and some Marlboro Menthol Ultra Lights. Standard.

Spears Steps Out

Then, Britney reportedly asked some paparazzi members to buy them coffee from the local Starbucks so they wouldn't have to face photographers. Also standard.

It got a little nasty later on, though, when Britney, 25, and Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, decided to visit a nearby sushi restaurant. On the way to the restaurant, a local passerby had some words for the pop princess... and her little sis fired back!

This rude resident soon got an earful from Jamie Lynn Spears, who is showing off some serious rack (even more than her frequently boob-baring big sis):

Random Loser on the Street: "Hey, Britney! Move the f**k out of this neighborhood! Nobody wants you in this neighborhood!"
Celebrity News Reporters: (booing) "Hey, shut up! Shut up!"
Jamie Lynn Spears: "Then move the f**k out!"
Celebrity News Reporters: (cheering) "Yeah! Yeah!"

We can't really do it justice. Here's a video of it from Hollywood TV.



leave them both alone,
they are who they are,
they werent born to please you,
get a life and quit trying to make something out of it by hating on them.
they are like normal sisters, normal people who want theur space and respect,
i woudlt like it if some bitch talked about my sister like that,
i wud have knocked that bitch out.
im glad lyyn stood up for her sis,
thats the way family stick up for each other.


i love jimie spears bye bye


I think jamie lynn soears should have the baby i think so!!


Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears are both dirty, rotten and used up trailor trash p u t a s and both have VDs and have sex with any man, Thats why Zoey is knocked up and her skutty sister is loca!


britany spears sister is a hot mess. So she need to stuck up


Jaime is a whore. She dresses like a slut and screws around. What a dried up loser.


The only thing worse than no-talent trailer trash ho's in cars is paparazzi with no life and no future created a disturbance trying to take their picture. I would hire a pile of goons to kick your asses down the road in front of my car. Idiots. Leeches all.


i like jamie but i don't know about this... she has a fight with alexa, she swore to some b***h... but hey, she may turn out different


hey jamie I think you are so beutiful and I love your Zoey 101 show I think you had every right to stand up for your sister


there is rumour going aroud that jamie lynn spears does have a boyfriend but it not true rumour our lies

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