The Bachelor: Brad Womack Embarks on Hometown Visits

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On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Brad Womack visited the hometowns of the four remaining aspiring wives - Bettina, DeAnna Pappas, Jenni Croft and Sheena Stewart - to meet their families and get a taste of their life.

The results? Mixed. Brad Womack certainly hit it off with some families, but he experienced awkwardness and straight up rude and unwelcoming behavior from others. Basically, he finally saw what it's like to have in-laws. Sucker.

Hot Brad Womack

Brad Womack: Looking not, doing his thing.

By the end of the evening, Brad Womack had winnowed the field from to three - three very lucky ladies he will take on romantic overnight getaways.

For Bettina, Jenni Croft, Sheena Stewart or DeAnna Pappas, this is it. The last rose ceremony. Follow the link to read about it in our episode guide to The Bachelor!


When Brad had Deanna and Jennie meet his family, it was very obvious to me then it was very phony , I think if he could have back out right then he would have, I guess he had to keep pretending for a bit more, too bad, I think he has serious issues, Jennie should consider herself lucky, and poor Deanna just doesn't get it!


I think Brad is afraid of commitment. He will chose the girl who is least likely to actually marry him. When Sheena's mom addressed the issue of marriage, his face dropped as if it could actually happen. He has been dishonest with himself as well as the viewers, and the ladies on the show, he really has no intention of marrying anyone. This is the reason he's 34 an unmarried.

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