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We'd tell Spencer Pratt not to quit his day job, but since this apparently is his day job, he should probably just get a whole lot better at it.

Everyone knows the conniving, pimply star of The Hills doesn't have game with the ladies. Turns out Spencer's writing and web management skillz are similarly bad.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are Tools

Spencer Pratt's official site consists of the same photos and snippets of articles you have already seen on Us Weekly and a hundred other celebrity gossip sites like this one. Wow! Really creative stuff, dude. Such insightful content!

Moreover, the links on his site are black... against a black background, making them impossible to see. Spencer also showcases his impressive 9th grade reading level with headlines such as "Us Magazine: New cover onstands now!!" Combine all this with a heinous design and Pratt earns a solid D+ in blogging.

The only thing saving it from an F, in case you were wondering, are some of the comments correctly pointing out the suckitude of Spencer and Heidi.


Spence. You need to shave dude. I can hardly stand looking at the reruns on without gaging. You, dont have a job, you should have all the time in the world to shave it, bum.


heidi's the loser!
its nice to see nobody judges by appearance{sarcasm}! that whore{hedi} had the nerve to take her ring off and walk away. so spencer got up and bounced for awhile. after the incident when spencer came back, that selfish, bitch had the nerve to say to spencer,"you know you shouldn't have left.". WHAT! is this bitch for real?! she takes her ring off and walks out of the room which means a}she cares more about her stupid chidlhood 'things to do in life list' than her relationship with spencer, b}she took off her ring as a way to get him to submit to her with emotional black mail and c}its over.
spnecer's response should've been ,"no you shouldn't have taken the ring off BITCH!".


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Why oh why does Heidi stay withSpencer??? Has she not watched any of the shows they frequent? Can she not see how he treat people like Lauren and Brody? One day, it will be her and she will run back to LC and want to reconcile... Hope it is not too late!


i hate spencer, he is a loser living off his parents money, he needs a JOB.. heidi is too cute to be with that chipmunk... evil eye , no job , loooooooossssssssseeeeerrrrrrrr


Oh Yeah spencer get a real job dork one you can say you get paid off of instead of living off of her money LOOOOOSER


Hey there i think spencer and heidi are idiots not her as much as him but close who does that to there friends (spencer and brody breakup) hello and whats up with his facial hair yuk shave it dork.however i must say regarding heidi just remember girlie it all comes back but 3x harder


Hai! This is Spencer Pratt's flaccid c0ck. My website is down a crack whore at a party or my peepee when I see Heidi.

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The loathsome Spencer Pratt is a random dumbass who has gained celebrity gossip notoriety from being on The Hills as Heidi Montag's loser... More »
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Heidi Montag: Honey, I'm home.
Spencer Pratt: Oh, my favorite part of the day!

I would never watch that! I would rather throw up... but I know for a fact, and I would take a lie detector test.

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