Adrienne Bailon Keeps Naked Company

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Entertainment news circles are buzzing with the possibility that Adrienne Bailon is replacing Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical 3.

If this is really the plan, though, we have some advice for the Cheetah Girls member: be wary of your company.

Adrienne Bailon, Rob Kardashian

Hudgens may get sacked for simply posing nude, a loving gesture meant to spice up her sex life with Zac Efron. But check out who Bailon has been spotted with recently:

Yes, that's porn star Jenna Jameson by Bailon's side. Can't imagine Disney is too excited over this burgeoning friendship.

We actually like Rumer Wills, and she isn't in the same naughty class as Jameson. But Bruce and Demi's daughter is known for her partying ways, so Adrienne may wanna be careful.


This bitch is stupid. My daughter loves her..on count of thr disney movies. I loved her too til the kardashian show. You know damn well what that bitch did to him on chloes marriage was fucked up. you are one stuck up hoe and i am sorry i ever let my child buy you dvds. NEVER AGAIN. what you did was fucked up. Making him hold you fucking purse while you did the single thing at his sis party, and smiin the whole time..your lucky i aint a kardashian sister cuz i would stomp your ass, I am sure they would too but they money ridin on it. i dont.!!!!!!!! Fuck that hoe. thats shitty!!!!!!


hi i no you dont no me but i am your biggest fan an u r sooooooooooo pretty and u hav the perfect voice an i am just ur biggest fan BBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!


Hey itz me again people are going to talk about you be hind yo back so just 4 get them cuz they gn curse you out i am not them i am yo true friend i dont stab my friends in the back u iz a nice person y they just want except u 4 just who u are u is nice in pretty in the inside dont make them u fell bad so i love you i u want to tlk to me u can mail me so bye friend


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