Adorable Alert! Brad Pitt and Shiloh Nouvel Photo Melts Hearts

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Turns out Angelina Jolie nude isn't the best looking part of Brangelina.

Take a look below at Brad Pitt and his too-adorable-for-words daughter, Shiloh Nouvel. We're sorry, Maddox and Zahara, but your sister takes the cuteness cake...

Worried About Shiloh!
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wow theres some haters like bethann. must be on jens team. ang cant help if shes more beautiful & fun then jen. if u dont like the way someones kids look dont look idiot.


WOW!!! shiloh....can you say curious case of benjamin button the old child version....OMG!!!! such a ugly kid and you people talking about halle's baby...compared to her kid shiloh and shuri holds no candle to nahla...shiloh looks like a boy-girl and she never closes her mouth maybe she has to much collengen in her lips like her adulterous mother. and don't get me started on shuri she looks like tomkat a mix between a big nose snoser and a water head adult version of her strange looking mother it looks like her head is about to explode.


são muito lindos tanto o pai como a filha


she looks adorable. i just wish my up coming will be as lovely as shiloh and as good looking as brad pitt if its a boy..
i salute angelina and bradd for the good deeds they are doin though they are not into politics


she is realy very cute , nice , beautiful and i think she seemns to be an angel , she has jolie`s lips and father`s eys and verry pretty face : )))))


omg!!! she is the most beautiful baby in the whole world!!!!!!!!! soooooooo cuteeeee!!! x x x


Joy, your parent should named you "Uptight". Your name don't fit your personality. Shiloh was born beautiful and she'll stay that way.


this is the only picture that she looks adorable, but the rest are just ugly.


OOH.. Shiloh is really the most beautiful baby... I'm lovin her.. :)

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