A Disturbing, Newly Released Anna Nicole Smith Video

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The following is a newly released video of Anna Nicole Smith.

The late actress appears far from mentally stable, with a nine-year old girl (daughter of Ford Shelley, whose father-in-law's home Anna was staying in) begging the cameraman to stop footage because the pregnant Smith is obviously in need of help.

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And the identity of that cameraman? Who Shelley's daughter also said she saw slip Anna something from a white bottle before she turned all loopy and catatonic? Howard K. Stern.


At one point, Stern says: "This footage is worth money."

The man is absolutely sick.


I believe that both Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead were not in love with Anna Nicole. I personally blame each and every one of these people for her death and the death of her son. The Doctor's involved, not practicing professionally, how stupied can anybody be, for what, a few moments of fame. WHATEVER!


I think Howard K Stern is greedy and was never in love with Anna.Would he have been her lawyer if she wasn't fighting for all that money and why wounld'nt he listen to the little girl. I am glad Larry got Dannilynn he is a better person and is not greedy.


Sick and twisted. And greedy and vile.


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