Zanessa Pigs Out

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At this rate, Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures will be replaced by Vanessa Hudgens fat pictures.

Staying strong in the face of public scrutiny, the 18-year old actress and hunky boyfriend Zac Efron stop for some fast food.

Zac at the Lakers Game

Zanessa answers the question on the minds of teenage guys everywhere after they viewed Hudgens' lewd pics: Yes, she wants some fries with that shake.


well i think that just because she went and got food with zac you guys that talk smack are just hating because probably you guys cant enjoy a burger like them haaaaaaa peace out suckers!!!!!!!!!


omg there getting mcdonalds the world is gonna end so wat we all get mcdonalds and vanessa isnt fat shes got like the best figure ever and zac is a hottie and he has the best male figure just cause u probs r fat dont have a go at someone else cause they can eat it and loose w8 !!!


who cares if they are eating at mcdonalds i mean i go to mcdonalds thier food may be greasy but who cares i dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andd i agree with kiisha she is soo write..If u hate her why the fk are u on her page?? And why are u wasting ur time commenting then?? just let it go cause lots of ppl lovee them and ur hurting them..Gawd what idiots


Gawdd u peeps are so rude to them she is not gonna get fat from some fast food i eat it all the time and im 12 and only weigh 33 kk and WDF did she ever do to u..Zanessa is a great couple actually to me the best celebrity couple i could think of so dont hate on them just because of one silly thing vanessa Did..I luv u vanessa and zac keep going strong guys :D


what the heck why da heck wud we forgive her??????????????!!!!!!!!!!


ahhaha omg
this is not a big deal
ohh noo they are eating maccass
shes not 'fat' and "unhealthy"
hahha patheticccc!
if she was sooooo skinny you would say
omggg go eat a burger you anoriexic slut
but then when she isnt anorexic and shes getting maccas you go right ahead and say omg shes soo fatt yukkkk ..
hahah yall can just screw yourselff ay!


good boy zacy


This disgusts me! There is no story here! OMG, they ate McDonalds, big deal! Vanessa is not fat and doubt McDonalds every now and again is going hurt. And even if it did the media needs to learn to accept people and stop being so picky and creating this pressure to achieve this unrealistic 'ideal' body. Celebrities aren't superhumans and shouldn't feel like they have to be either. Publications such as this are unecessary and socially irresponsible. There is enough anorexia in society and we don't need any more.


hi my name is daniel from costa rica.. like zac efron is my idol

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Zac Efron Biography

Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens
Zac Efron is a young, adorable actor. He's often compared to Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio. His career begin with High School Musical,... More »
San Luis Obispo, California
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Zachary Efron

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Everything's been stepped up a few notches, all the dances, and I think the songs are pretty catchy this time around. And it's our senior year, so we've got graduation and prom to look forward to. All fun things to have in a movie.

Zac Efron [on High School Musical 3]

You never know with teenage girls. It's funny. But they're always, most of the time they're pretty respectful, and I love 'em. I'm very grateful.

Zac Efron