Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky Talk Hairspray

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There are celebrity gossip rumors floating around that say Nikki Blonsky is getting in the way of Zanessa living happily ever after.

We don't think they're true because Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens just seem so happy together. But the cutest actor alive did join his Hairspray co-star for a recent interview hyping that movie...

Vanessa and Zac

Q: Had you seen Hairspray â€" the play or John Waters' original â€" before you did this film?
Nikki Blonsky: Yeah, really funny story. I was in my third month of callbacks during this five-and-a-half-month process, and the day after one of my callbacks I was sitting watching the Disney channel with my brother. He was watching High School Musical and he said, "I know they're doing a big Tracy search, but do you know who they will get to play Link?"

And I said, "Well, why don't they just get that kid? He's good looking. He sings. He dances. He acts." And wouldn't you know, a week after I got cast, I got a call saying, "You know, we just cast your boy from High School Musical." I said, you guys could have asked me, I could have told you that three months ago."
You were working but wasn't quite on the radar, and then, all of a sudden, Disney's High School Musical explodes.

Zac Efron: It's funny. We do have similar stories. I felt like, coming into Hairspray, I had slightly more experience. In the end, of course, I learned more from this girl than I could ever share with her. But I'm very blessed. I'm glad that I'm involved with musicals because I think with the young audience that we are educating, I'm making them aware of [musicals], and hopefully making them more mainstream. You know, it could be a popular genre in the future and I would love to stay involved with them for as long as I can.

Q: And for you Nikki?
Nikki Blonsky: This has been a dream come true. I saw Hairspray on Broadway when I was fifteen years old and fell in love with it. You know, unfortunately, Broadway is just in New York, so unless you come to New York or live in New York, you [won't] get the experience of Hairspray on Broadway. But this is a movie that is going everywhere, so I'm so excited to bring Tracy to life and bring her views to little kids, and show them different is ok and uniqueness is beautiful.

Q: The bottom line of this film is that being different is okay and it's okay to accept that.
Nikki Blonsky: It's about being who you are, being proud of who you are and embracing it, accepting others and accepting yourself, because you can't accept and love others until you love and accept yourself. (Hear that, Britney Spears?)

Q: What did you two you relate to the most about your characters?
Zac Efron: Oh gosh, I wish I could relate to Link. At the beginning, he's a fun character to play. He's a little bit shallow and enjoying the limelight of being a star on a local daytime TV show, so there wasn't much I could relate to Link. I guess it was that he loved dancing and singing, and that was always something I loved doing growing up. That was my outlet.

Nikki Blonsky: I was just a 17-year-old girl with a big dream, and Tracy is just a 17-year-old with a big dream. We both just wanted to be out there dancing and singing and performing, and we just wanted people to believe in us. Adam Shankman was my Corny Collins, he believed with me.


Zac Efron is cute and all, and Nikki is a talented girl. I'm glad they had fun making Hairspray. Too bad the message in this movie will be lost to the people who need to hear it most. It's a shame the "hearthrob" in everyone's life actually ignores the "big" girl or the "uncool" girl in real life. But hey...the world needs a change. I suppose this movie, albeit completely unrealistic, is a positive step and an ego boost.


helllo i love nikky is very realy cool and talented


this show is so col and zac is really good looking i wish i could kiss him hair spray rocks evey time it comes on i watch it it never misses me nikki u go girl i wish i was u


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Zac Efron is the cutest and most amazing actor of all time. I 'm with everyone else here. He's fenomenal.


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You are totally right .Zac is a really cool and talented guy he shouldnt worry about what other people say because they just want to create a cheap and sensational piece of gossip


this is totalllly messed up. or what ever named Zack their gay of the day and had this really obnoxious gay o meter thing and had a terrible picture of zack. i'm pissed off at them and other sites that keep making fun of zack. it hurts my feelings. hes such a great actor and musical talent and he doesn't need websites talking bad about him just because he is so talented. Its just mean.

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