Tommy Lee and Criss Angel: Just Chillin

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No one had a worse night at the MTV Video Music Awards than Britney Spears.

But the two gentlemen pictured below came close:

Tommy Lee got into a fight with Kid Rock, all because they've both seen Pamela Anderson nude. As if this isn't true for half the free world.

Meanwhile, Criss Angel had spent the last two weeks claiming he was hanging out with Britney Spears in order to help the hot mess with an illusion for her performance. But all the audience saw were a few minutes of awful lip synching and lackadaisical dancing.

This makes it fairly obvious, to paraphrase a Jerry Maguire quote, that Angel has been "shoplifting the pootie of a single mother."

And that's just wrong.


Okay, I love Criss Angel so much, but now he started hanging with britney Spears, and now Tommy Lee. Criss, you are so better than that. Hang with Klayton and Sully. They are way cooler friends that I would hang with any day, and I'm sure everyone else agrees they're better to ossociate too. Not to mention they're reputations are great right now and at the least people can stand them. Not late drugy dilusional people who cause messes for themselves and everyone around them.


Or maybe you could pay attention to what happend as to why she couldn't perform her original planned performance. Idiots.


I'm not a kid rock fan, but I want to beat the crap out of these guys too!

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