This Just In: Lindsay Lohan Loves Sex

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As far as celebrity news headlines go, the sentence above is as surprising as any of the following:

Britney Spears is a train wreck.

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Suri Cruise is cute.

Victoria Beckham likes to wear tight shirts.

Nevertheless, new information has surfaced regarding just how much Lindsay Lohan loves to wet her sexual appetite. It's our job to pass it along.

A source told Star magazine that the Firecrotch Queen has "been having erotic dreams about her former lovers, like Calum Best, Wilmer Valderrama, and Jared Leto. Her counsellors are trying to get her to understand that she's substituting one addiction for another."

The insider added: "Besides the obvious dangers of STDs, having indiscriminate sex can lead to emotional heartbreak, and that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse. If she doesn't come to grips with this, Lindsay is going to find herself back in rehab-sex addiction."

Maybe she'll be joined there by Kim Kardashian.


She's using Ariva to curb that nasty smoking habit. And she's in good company, so are the Olsen Twins and Rachel Hunter. THE NEW YORK POST: WE HEAR. . . November 10, 2007 -- THAT the folks behind Ariva Smokeless Tobacco have been busy since the Beverly Hills ban on outdoor smoking kicked in last month, sending free boxes to such nicotine lovers as Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins and Rachel Hunter.


Linds is still in rehab only because she fears jail. Yes, she can turn it around if she stays away from, friends, mom, drugs and in a nutshell her former life. All the britney bashing going on, this one needs some bashing herself. she loves that life and I dont see her leaving it. And her mom is no help at all.


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