The Worst Birthday Party of All Time

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of The Hills suck so much as it is, it's hard to imagine worse things than being subjected to a party thrown by the two.

Unless you were to throw Perez Hilton into the mix.

That's exactly what went down over the weekend as Spencer and Heidi - along with their romantic gondola ride in Las Vegas of course - celebrated in style at the clubs. Which is interesting, since they used to do that before she was 21.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Perez Hilton: The trinity of pain.

Heidi Montag turned 21 on Saturday, the very same day that Lauren Conrad's fashion line officially debuted. We were, like, OMG, so excited for the latter!

Oh, right, this is a post about Heidi's birthday party. Club-goers out on the scene report that "Heidi and Spencer were in a festive mood at LAX, downing Veuve Clicquot and passing out flutes to random people in the crowd."

No word on whether later that night, Heidi Montag played another kind of flute. Made of skin. Speaking of which, Perez Hilton was on hand to complete this first meeting of the Team Heidi fan club. It's okay, you gotta start small sometimes.

Spencer Pratt should have Perez hang out with them more, for sure. He may be the one of the only men alive who makes him look attractive by comparison.


Poor Heidi. Check out her wedding registry at No one has bought a thing!


I was at the club that night. When I was leaving, I spotted Perez. He stormed out of the club. He looked very upset. Maybe it was because he was being ignored inside. Don't know. It was just weird.


I have nothing to say about this except for LAME. wow, so this does explain how the sex tape rumor started. Heidi and Spencer found comfort in Perez because he is awful as well. They used him and his website to start stuff about Lauren. Its really pathetic. Heidi and Spencer will do anything for some camera time these days. Oh, and does anyone know what the hell Spencer does for a living?! He is 24 and all we ever see him do on the show is sit behind his computer. It makes no sense. They really do deserve each other.


I hope some crazy, angered LC fanatic murders those two losers (Heidi and Spencer btw).


I just realized that the first leak of the sex tape came from Perez's site and now we know how it got leaked.....from Heidi and Spencer......they totally got Perez to write about the sex tape.....What a bunch of losers......I guess Perez must be getting something from Spencer ......ewwww


Hmmm, quite amusing... this explains all of the LC bashing on These three attention hungry losers make a great trio.


Hiedie got Herpes from spencer and this is one of the reasons she stays with him, because with herpes u cant even let her slob on your know without get an STD from that C*nt


poor heidi. did anyone come to her party? i wonder who will be at the wedding. she's already set up her registry online. here's the scoop:


PEREZ IS A should put that as a headline......when you visit his website....he trashes Lauren and places no comment on Heidi awful performance in Vegas......Ewww............he is just gross.....i think he feels a connection to these two as he proudly states that his site is the most hated site in Hollywood and Speidi are the most hated attention grabbing duo from the Hills. The should all join their missing companion from the hills have eyes.....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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