The Hollywood Gossip Fall TV Preview

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Sometimes, you need a break from Britney Spears attempting to sing and Vanessa Hudgens attempting to be a porn star.

With that in mind, The Hollywood Gossip staff has compiled a list of shows you should watch this fall. Get your TiVo and DVR ready and enjoy...

Pushing Daisies: It's a simple concept, really. The owner of a pie shop can raise people from the dead, but he cannot touch these individuals again or else they stop breathing. There's also a private detective, an adorable Golden Retriever and a lady with one eye. It seriously does look cool.

Chuck: From the creator of The OC. A regular nerd doesn't know he has valuable information implanted inside his head. He's as clueless about this fact as Jessica Simpson is about... everything.

Private Practice: Some folks hated the pilot, but ABC has tweaked the cast a bit and we have faith in Shonda Rimes, the creator of Grey's Anatomy. Plus, Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs are easy on the eyes.

Cavemen: Based on the stars of recent Geico ads. We're just curious if 15 seconds of humor can turn into a lasting sitcom.

Bionic Woman: It was a TV show that was made into a movie and is now being made back into a TV show. Looks like tons of fun, starring Michelle Ryan and Katee Sackhoff.

Friday Night Lights: The best acted show on television. The most realistic characters and story lines on television. Cute boys, pretty girls and football. Something for absolutely everyone.

Rules of Engagement: Just kidding.

Heroes: Last year, they saved the cheerleader... and the world? We'll have to tune in to season two in order to find out.


Having seen all of these pilots, I agree with setting the DVR for Chuck, PP, and Pushing Daisies (and of COURSE HEROES!!!)... but avoid Cavemen like the plague. It was painfully awful. Bionic Woman was less than impressive as well. Dirty Sexy Money is good, as is Journeyman.