The Hills Recap: A Chance to Ketchup on Old Times

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Back her weekend away with the bumbling Justin-Bobby (Justin Brescia), Audrina Patridge announces that the volatile couple is sooo back on.

Lauren and Whitney, meanwhile, discuss the development at work the next day, where Whitney teases an obviously concerned Lauren Conrad.

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"They probably worked it out on their own," Whitney Port chides at her friend, adding, "no need for everyone else to get involved!"

Then none other than Jason Wahler calls, and Whitney shoots Lauren a look of disapproval over LC's decision to answer that Blackberry.

Jason takes Lauren to dinner at the new L.A. hotspot Ketchup, a place owned by none other than Paula Abdul boy toy J.T. Torregiani.

Wouldn't you know it, Spencer Pratt just happens to be taking Heidi Montag to that very place to celebrate her promotion at Bolthouse.

After Jason and Lauren share some awkward moments of nostalgic flirtation, the drama starts to go down when a sarcastic Spencer spots them, and says "It's great to see you guys back together, really, it's heartwarming."

LC restrains Jason, who wants to go over to their table and start $h!t. But the needling Spencer sends over a water and a Shirley Temple over to their table, prompting Conrad and Wahler to leave - and get heckled as they do.

Spencer's take: "I wonder if she picked him up in rehab or jail?"

Heidi's take: "After everything she's been through with Jason, and me... who was there for her, through all that hell, is the one she won't talk to... it's baffling."

Jason's take: "Who cares about them?"

Lauren's take: Not a lot, but she gave Jason Wahler SERIOUS kiss-me-now eyes when he drops her off afterwards. Damn, girl! Fortunately, J doesn't make a move. Lauren is really desperate for some loving, guys. Make a move!

Elodie's take: "What exactly did you do to her that makes her not even want to accept a drink from you? And also, you know, you were also friends with Audrina, and she doesn't talk to you anymore. You were friends with Whitney too. You don't even know what's wrong and what's right anymore. It's so sad!"

Oh. Snap. Clearly Heidi Montag's "all business" defense doesn't fly with Elodie, who's still bitter over losing out on that Bolthouse job and pretty damn sick of listening to Heidi whining and bossing around her new assistant.


I really love LC and Jason needs to relize what he is going to miss out on.....I agree with alot of these other comments and they really do need to kick heidi and her boyfriend off because they are just a waste of time and space on the show.....that would be just great if Stephen and Lauren got back together cuz they are so fricking cute!


Stephen and LC are back together!!! Forget Jason!!! Stephen is the one she wanted all along!!! Buh Bye Jason and your cheesy lil' tennis star. Oh and Jason, do you know the divorce rate these days??? You must of had beer googles on the day you proposed to...what's her name again? Sober my azz ha!


Heidi needs to dump Spencer! He is a real slime ball who is using her just to promote himself. She's in for a rude awakening when the show is over. I applaud Elodie for seeing and speaking the truth to Heidi.
Lauren is a classier person, as is Whitney.


PA-LEEESE-- Jason has a girlfriend and is engaged, this all went down way before this shoot on MTV. Its all a set up, thats why the show is so good. If HEidi and Spencer were themselves you guys would love them. The reality/acting is fantastic. Thats why its the best show on MTV and so successful. I adore Heidi and Spencer, Lauren is boring and an ass.


I honestly just wanted to punch Spencer and Heidi in their faces after this episode. While I am a Jason and Lauren fan, the next episode seems like he is taken so its uspsetting but Lauren needs a brand new guy, or you know what she's good on her own. So yeah the whole Ketchup thing was totally a set up. Lauren said she would not shoot with Heidi so I'm sure the producers set it up and didn't tell Lauren which sucks. I'm sure Spencer and Heidi were happy to oblige because it got them 21/2 minutes rather then their usual 2. They are so pathetic.


Okay, what's really sad about Heidi getting that job, is that Brent does not want to lose publicity for his company. I can't believe he would make a 20y old girl, completely lost in life, not to mention, uneducated, the Director of Events. Absolutely pathetic. Elodie is not bitter, she just finally opened her eyes to how manipulative Heidi is. It's about time!! Nobody likes Spenser and Heidi at all. Maybe it's time for them to reflect on their lives, and stop spreading rumors about Lauren, who is on a whole other level than they will ever be.


Go Elodie! I am SO SICK of STUPID little Heidi and her retarded King of Cheese boyfriend! Heidi plays the poor me but is such a b!tch in Ketchup just to stir trouble. Funny thing is you can buy new body parts put you can't buy integrity which you have none of! Get over yourself Heidi EVERYONE HATES YOU!


The whole heidi and spencer @ kethcup was a TOTAL SET UP!!! AND I bet it was set up for Spencer to say something to them....I guarantee it.


MTV should kick Spencer and Heidi off the show and repalce them they are so annoying and ugly and BORING They both need to go back to the horse farm!

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