The Hills Recap: Meet Katja Decker-Sadowski!

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That's the focal point of this drama-filled episode.

In her continuing efforts to forge a friendship with her former flame, Jason Wahler, star Lauren Conrad wasn't exactly expecting to learn that ...

  1. He has a new girlfriend.
  2. Oh, and they're living together.
  3. They're engaged! Surprise! Woo!

Jason drops bombs #1 and #2 during a lunch date with LC, inviting her to a housewarming party thrown by himself and his new gal. She accepts.

Only when Lauren and Audrina Patridge attend said party do they learn the full extent of Jason's relationship with Katja Decker-Sadowski.

The big moment comes when a drunk frat guy offers a toast - with a plastic cup of beer, just pumped from a keg - to celebrate the engagement of Wahler.

Lauren's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

Her heartbreak and complete shock evident, LC feigns happiness for a time, though later she confides to Jason that "I think you're being an idiot."

After all, he's only 20 years old and still in a recovering alcoholics program that recommends he not date anyone... let alone get engaged to someone.

A calm Jason Wahler just rolls with his ex-girlfriend's criticism, though, and is clearly happy with Katja Decker-Sadowski, a tennis player at USC.

The highlight of the night came when a clearly jealous Katja interrupted Lauren's during her heart-to-heart with Jason on the deck, heaving herself on Wahler's lap in one of the most awkward moments in Hills history. What a bitch!

Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad

Left: Jason and fiancee Katja Decker-Sadowski. Right: LC and Whitney.

The next day, Lauren Conrad reflected on the events with a cooler head, saying "this could have been me ... but as much as I love Jason, I'm glad it's not!"

She also noted that she's dreamed about the day gets engaged and it doesn't involve plastic cups of beer and Bob Marley posters. Same here, Lauren!

In other news, Whitney Port drops the ball a little at Teen Vogue when she is in charge of a photo shoot for a band, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, but goes out and parties with them late the night before and everyone shows up late. Fortunately, her editor, Lisa Love, only gives our girl a slight reprimand and tells her to step it up.

Lastly, the loathesome Spencer Pratt is not psyched about registering for wedding presents. Or telling his parents that he's engaged to Heidi Montag. The episode ends with Spence's sheepish admission that his folks don't even know... despite the fact that he's a media whore who appears on a well-known reality show!

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I think the whole Jason and Katja engagement is all stupid. We all know it will never work out.


katja looks sooo much older than lauren cosidering she is actually younger...haha....she is not pretty at all...she is super insecure with lauren...i think everybody is...


I agree, Jason's girlfriend/fiance or whatever looks like an evil alien!


waitt one minute
i remebr that jason dude
hes from laugna beach!
ahhahaha now i see
hes a playerr!!!
didnt they have a thing once?
my godd
havnt seen him in soo longg
hotty though


what is he hills?
can someone please tlel me
id like to see what the problems about?
i wasnt the biggest lauren conrad fan in laguna beahc
but my god is she beauitfull
!!!! :D
i support her al the way


I hate being a mean person, but I'd rather tell the truth. Kat woman is not all that and then some. Jason what are you thinking? We are all pulling for you to stay clean and sober and then you go and get "engaged" to an 18-year-old?
Sorry you blew all your chances with Lauren, 'cause she is beautiful inside and out.
I know this has nothing to do with the subject matter, but has anyone else noticed the HOT HOT HOT chemistry going on between
Lauren and Brody-OUCH!


Jason is just on the rebound and wanted to make Lauren jealous. It was very obvious the game he was playing. Why even go out to lunch and lead Lauren on when he knew the whole time he had a girl friend. What a cad! And this new girl of his seems really inmature compared to LC. I'm sure they wont get anywhere near a minister though.


HAHA! Heidi's website: and myspace page got freaking hacked! It's hilarious!


Jason's girlfriend is HELLA FUGLY!! Did you see her on the show last night, she looks like an alien. And what a bitch, giving dirty looks to Lauren! Who the F wants to see you on the show anyway!!!



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