The Hills are Alive... With Forums!

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With over three million viewers, The Hills has become a sensation - which is hardly a surprise, given all the drama that goes down each week.

Everyone has an opinion about Spencer Pratt, Lauren Conrad and the rest of the crew. Now is the time to voice your opinions in The Hills forum - the latest innovation from The Hollywood Gossip, the web's #1 source for Hills cast news, rumors and recaps.


Just CLICK HERE to enter The Hills forum and join an existing discussion, or start your own. You can access all of The Hollywood Gossip's forum topics - or start your own - at any time via the link on our main menu, as well.

We look forward to reading what you  say about Heidi, LC and Audrina, as well as everything going on with celebrity gossip. Don't you love Suri Cruise? How hot is Zac Efron! And what the hell is Britney Spears thinking!? Talk to us.

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