Shiri Appleby and Zach Braff Hold Hands, Look Unexcited

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Looks like Shiri Appleby and Zach Braff have a long way to go until they're at the level of George Clooney and Sarah Larson.

While the former couple is supposedly dating, the actors don't look so in love below, do they? Appleby is almost rolling her eyes over being forced to hold hands with the Scrubs star.

Zach Braff Pic

And Braff is probably picturing ex-girlfriend Mandy Moore nude instead of focusing on Shiri. These two appear to have less chemistry than Britney Spears and sobriety...


Hey patricia! You wouldn't know true beauty if it hit you in the ass. Shiri is totally hot and is one of the few stars left in hollywood who doesn't shake her ass in front of the cameras. You probably think Keira Knightley is ugly too because she doesn't have alot of T&A. So kiss my ass. She's a beautiful girl.


Meh. Sometimes people are in bad moods and hold hands for an attempt at comfort. Or maybe they're just tired. Or something. People always overanalyze stuff.


i love zach and i hate shiri she is very ugly and he is really hot!! love u zach good luck


They really are judging this picture the wrong way, they could of been messing with each other at the time, they do look cute i agrree with Lourdes.


i think you're over analyzing this pic! The look cute

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