Sepideh Haftgoli: Iranian Plaything of Andy Baldwin

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Now we know why The Bachelor star, U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin, called off his engagement to Tessa Horst. He had another woman in his back pocket!

The hunky Navy diver and triathlete was spotted getting cozy with a former Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli, in a Los Angeles park this past Sunday.

Check out this pic of Baldwin and Sepideh Haftgoli via ...

Andy and Sepideh: So cute together.

Baldwin proposed to Tessa Horst at the end of the most recent season of ABC's The Bachelor, but called off the engagement last month. The two said they were still together, however. Wonder if Tessa knows about Sepideh Haftgoli. Hmm.

This isn't the first semi-famous dude to be linked to Sepideh Haftgoli. She reportedly dated former Friends star David Schwimmer a few years back.

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Christian. That is not ture. She was one of the finalists and they never picked one finalist bc they never ended up going to finals in the end. I saw the televised pageant on air with my own eyes. not sure why you're lying unless your one of the girls and are just hating. it can be confirmed by just contacting the tv station anyway.


i checked out that website tony. interesting, but looks like they want money to join the pageant legit pageants don't take money to participate. plus they say it is the first pageant to be done outside of iran. that is not true. there was one that one of the Iranian stations had several years ago which is the one sepidah was in. anyway. it still kinda looks like an intersting pageant


you can check this site:


I just want to know more information on the Miss Iran Pageant. Please give a website or email info.


"Chris" First off, if Shila thought the pageant was such a joke then she shouldn't have participated. easy as that. second, i don't know shila nor do i care about anything she does because it doesn't effect my life or anything. she may do all that stuff, good for her. but just for the sake of clarity, sepideh is a law school graduate, a humanitarian and i saw her interviews versus any of the other girls and she was the one that was hands down the most intelligent and well spoken. there was one other persian girl that spoke farsi most of the time (i can't remember her name) but she didn't make it to the top Miss Iran winners, but she was really smart too and pretty and i was surprised she didn't get one of the titles of Miss Iran. Anyway. who cares. move on. that's it.


Rez, One more thing
the only reason the writer wrote about sepideh about Miss Iran Pageant, is because she was friend with the writer! I was in the pageant myself, and was backstage. watching the whole thing with the photographers and the news crew. Shila didn't want to participate because she thought it was a joke to begin with. IT WAS A JOKE... I am not bashing on Sepideh, but dancing lambada as a talent vs speaking 5 languages, creating non-profit organization to fight Poverty around the world, Fight for Cancer, and being a Goodwill Ambassador. honestly as yourself who is worth writing about? it's a shame people here in the US are so judgmental towards people they never met!


Jennifer Jones, This Sepideh is only a friend and nothing more. Andy and Tessa never broke up. Infact, Tessa was with Andy and Sepideh when those pics were taken.


well Mr Doctor Andy I think you are wrong to do this you need to let us know something why did you go on the bachelor and say all that stuff and you then seen with someone else I think you guys need to check your self before you go on this show are you ready to change you guyd hurt the girls to much and that no lye I hope that you and tessa get back together you to were the boomb smile from biggmommy of Tx


oh yeah, Shila, one more thing....she didn't fall. Her dance partner messed up and bumped her head on the stage. it was not her fault at all, but her talent was the most entertaining and fun of them all. i don't even remember what the hell you did. hahahahah. She really was a good sport about it and was the most elequantly spoken. plus she is gorgeous.


Shila. That is not true. I attended the Miss Iran pageant. There was NOT a first or second place. They picked about 6 finalists and Sepideh was in fact one of them. They were to go to finals, but the king of the country died and it never happened. Due to the unorganized efforts of the production running it. Sepideh was one of the Miss Iran finalists. Sounds to me like you are tooting your own horn Shila. You are wrong and incorrect.

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