Sarah Chapman: Diddy's Other Baby Mama

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The celebrity gossip world is familiar with Kim Porter by now.

But not many of us know a lot about the woman Diddy supposedly cheated on her with - and impregnated!

Meet Sarah Chapman. The mother of Sean Combs' one-year old daughter is speaking out for the first time, saying she's content to remain in the background while other women in Diddy's life enjoy some verbal sparring.

Chapman said she met Diddy while he was with Porter, and that Kim knew about Sarah's pregnancy prior to also getting knocked up by the rap superstar. This sort of gets Sienna Miller off the hook, we guess.

Diddy is always rolling six women deep. Can you blame him for impregnating a couple here and there?

While Chapman and Diddy aren't currently together, the two remain friends.

"We've always been friends. I've known him for a long time -- 13 years exactly. ... It's never been a situation where I'm trying to step on top of [Kim] or I'm trying to be in her position."

Chapman didn't clarify if she was referring to missionary or doggy style with this quote, so we'll let readers decide for themselves.


diddy want commit to kim porter but he has committed to taking care of his children, unlike JAY-Z he doesn't have a relationship with his child, thanks to beyonce


I think Kim needs to move on, because Diddy is obviously not going to commit to her. She now has three children by him and he still has not proposed, she's a opportunist and groupie so she is getting what she deserves. She needs a life and career she is putting too much time into a relationship that is not going anywhere. As for the girl in Atl, I dont think she owe kim anything, I just hope she is not crazy enough to have another kid with him because he nasty and he is going to catch something. Get paid Sarah! If he stupid enough to be f----- in the raw.


Ladies, the truth of the matter is that there is a bigger picture, and that is: there are broken families and all these children being born out of wedlock. Besides all this back and forth and mud slinging about the Kim-Puffy-and who knows who else triangle, there are precious children who are the real innocent victims. No one really knows the whole story and we never will. Let's protect ourselves and our future, by having husbands first, then babies. Because far too many "commoners" get caught up in this drama too, but unfortunately, the typical "baby mama" don't have a rich celebrity baby daddy to cushion that infidelity blow. Wisen up women, and let's hold these men and ourselves to a higher standard. Stop allowing ourselves to be caught up in this foolishness. God bless all the innocent children caught up in this drama. Be RESPONSIBLE WOMEN. Love always.


diddy should be faithful to kim porter and get marry to her


please i don't feel sorry for none of these felines...keep your legs closed and your wallets opened. put god first and leave these sorry no good men alone.


first of all ladies who read this don't dog sarah for what has happen between her and diddy, kim knew everthing for the jump start & that she put her self in front of the media and act like she was surpised about how things took place. i don't feel sorry for her! his first baby is the one u should feel sorry for b-cause diddy let kim take over to ease her pain! don't forget Chance was his First Daugther!


Look, you all do not know Sarah or the situation- I do. So I ask that you please do not comment or leave ignorant messages about someone you clearly do not know about. And please wish the best for Chance, she is the most beautiful and happiest baby the world has ever seen. Also, please respect their privacy.




hello diii,
pls.dont b stressed out,thank GOD d kids are doing great...............take gud care of them.
KIM, is perfect 4 u....
bad boy.


pls.di,alot of us look up 2 u as our Greatest living LEGEND.....sort tins out and get married to luvly KIM PORTER.....she is heaven sent.
cheers my LEGEND.

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