R.I.P. Britney Spears' Career (1999-2007)

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It was a hell of a run, one that began with an adorable Catholic school girl teasing her way into our hearts in the "Baby, One More Time..." video.

But Britney Spears' career officially came to an end this evening.

There's nothing left in the tank. Leading off tonight's MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears "sang" her new single, "Gimme More." She lip-synched it (badly), which would have been okay had there been any semblance of dance moves or theatrics. Not so.

All we saw tonight was a limp, uninterested, uninspired Britney Spears, lacking the pizzazz, energy, choreography and all-out hotness that made her famous.

It's a sad day when a performer as dynamic as Spears can no longer dance or even pretend to sing her own songs. But that day is this day. So weak.

Even that body is reduced to a shell of its former self, clearly showing signs of two births. Host Sarah Silverman even joked, "Have you seen Britney's kids? They're so cute! Almost as cute as that hairless vagina they popped out of!"

Not to worry, though. With that outfit she sported tonight, Spears served notice that she's ready for the next phase of her career... Cinemax. Late night.

More photos and video of Britney Spears' VMA debacle to come ...


HEY! hiball and LR Britney is NOT over so you guyz shouldn;t talk about her that! what if you were famous and people talked to you that way u wouldn't like that... would you. soooo.... you guyz SHUT THE FUCK UP! if u cant say anything nice then don't say anything at all!


si soy yo britney , el 2008 va ser mi regreso triunfal asi q
esperad a la nueva britney


viva britney , eres la mejor


she didn't even try, it's as if she was mocking the whole thing, did she actually think that people were going to be blwn away by this performance, that they were going to be yay go britney you did a good job. this has been a huge dissapointment for us the fans its as if she takes for granted the luv that the fans have for her and assumes that she can do watever and they'll still be blwn away. if she doesn't care about her career what makes her think that her fans will,


People I realized... are just mean. People, with every opportunity will just try to drag you down.
wow...its really sad what people have become. No one is perfect for god sake... who are you people and who has made you feel so bad that you feel you need to put out that same type of energy ? I just feel bad .... maybe all of you should hold up the mirror at yourselves.. and maybe you will realize how inadequate YOU really are.


I'm soooo over... Britney, Paris and Lohan. Britney's "back up" dancers were so good they made Brit look like an ameteur. I don't want to see Britney anymore. K-Fed is just as disgusting.


Why do shows allow lip syncing at all??? I don't get it. Shouldn't a live show be just that - LIVE?


Kayla, why is it slander for people to give their opinions of a performance by an artist?


she's soooooooo over (thank god!)


I have never heard so much bashing in all my life! God you people are cruel! she young, she can still make it. And how she puts up with the slander and paps putting her under a microscope I dont know. I would sue the hell out of you people!!! DIRTY LAUNDRY IS WHAT SUCKS!!! AND YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT CAN YOU? Britney dont let them get you down. Turn to God He will always be there for you and these freaks mean nothing!!!


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Kentwood, Louisiana
Full Name
Britney Jean Spears

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I miss it here so much! I love it so much! It makes me it's kinda like bittersweet coming here because I used to live here for two years. And when I come here, it's like, man, I wish I had my apartment here still.

Britney Spears [on New York City]

MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs?

Britney Spears