Real World, Real Nude: Trishelle Cannatella Photos

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Remember Trishelle Cannatella from Real World: Las Vegas? You know, the promiscuous airhead who was rarely seen with a full set of clothing on?

Well, here's something as shocking as Brad Womack not wearing a shirt: pictures of Trishelle naked!

In an attempt to extend her 15 minutes of reality TV fame even longer, the former MTV star is baring it all.

Hey, it's worked for Holly Madison, right? That blonde has made a career, and relationship, out of being naked.

Sorry, Trishelle, but you have a long way to go in the nude world before you're on par with another former Real World star. Remember: Tonya Cooley has done porn.


That was very strong you know, when I was a child I used to csonider girls in school as higher beings. Those who can talk to them or be their friends must be too special! that goes on your line, huh?VA:F [1.9.13_1145]please wait...VA:F [1.9.13_1145](from 0 votes)


really you angry ladies?? She used what you dont have. If i was a women I would own the world. You ladies should realize what power you have between your legs. you could untimatly make a man act like a dog for your special parts. use it ladies dont be stupid. because there are several of you that have already figured it out


hi sexy i like ur ass and pussy


Well she is a fake cause everything what she has done is she has done it for herself and to say for her mother well she has done thing's and recieve thing's that are hard so all i know is that she did'nt give a flying rat's ass about her mother cause all she did was nothing to help her out so all i know is that she does'nt care for anything or anyone cause she is a self hated girl so now to say is maybe i'll but her away for good cause all i know is that i already but another celebrity behind bar's for such a long time so beware Trishelle Cannatella you might be next...


It troubles me to see a beautiful, young girl like this, sell her body and she still seems to have a drinking problem? I know her mother died of a brain tumor when she was young but I too had the same situation and would have never sold my own body for profit. I know she is smarter than this and has much more going for her than this. I just feel sorry that she thinks so little of herself!


"promiscuous airhead"? There's one for every season of 'The Real World'. She's not doing anything new. Why does MTV want us to think that these so-called celebrities are important. Go home Holly! I take offense to this site even suggesting that she has a career.


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