Photo Finish: Megan Fox Nude vs. Carmen Electra Nude

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You can't blame Carmen Electra for trying to be sly like Megan Fox.

Considering how long it's been since the former has actually made celebrity news headlines, of course she'd simulate the pose of one of Hollywood's hottest actresses in order to get back in the spotlight.

It's similar to what Paris Hilton did when she copied a Christina Aguilera nude shot.

Don't get us wrong: The Hollywood Gossip staff enjoys these bare beauties almost as much as Britney Spears hates underwear.

We just wish they'd get more creative with their poses.

Megan Fox Nude

Who looks hotter: Megan Fox nude, covered by a sheet? Or Carmen Electra nude, covered by a sheet?

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any body know were 2 find megan fox naked


Megan fox is hoTTER Way hotter So yeah she's hot!!!


the way carmens neck is bent with that blonde piece of hair next to it also it makes her neck look so huge and musclular she looks so stupid in this pic bad compariison


Megan Fox Looks Hot there but I have to say that Carmen Electra still has it all cause she is smokin Hot! always.


Carmen Electra is a goddess...truly in a league with likes of Sophia Loren absolute classic beauty


I SWEAR IF I GET HOLD OF YOU................


hell yeah megan is hotter period.


Megans much hotter for the pure fact thats a great girl if u try search 4 megan nude on tinternet ur rarely find a pic shes a gr8 role model and a superb actress and whats wiv these sad acts on jackin of 2 a pic jesus get lives !!!!!


megan by far


Megan Fox élue beauté international !!!